The new S Limited trim level in the Jeep Grand Cherokee line-up puts an emphasis on a more sporting appearance
Matt Burt
20 June 2012

Jeep has revealed the Jeep Grand Cherokee S Limited; a new variant of its 4x4 flagship. The American brand says the sport-focused Jeep Grand Cherokee S Limited is intended to appeal to a more youthful customer base.

The Grand Cherokee S Limited is part of a roll-out of three new additions to Jeep’s European line-up, the others being the Wrangler Mountain and the Compass Black Edition, which are both limited-edition models.

First revealed as a design study at the Geneva motor show in March, the Jeep Grand Cherokee S Limited adds an extra trim level to the existing range, which comprises Laredo, Limited, Overland and the new top-of-the-range performance SRT variant. The new addition sits slightly below Overland in terms of specification, but adds more sporting touches to the exterior and interior design.

The Grand Cherokee S Limited gets a black gloss front grille surround as well as black headlamp bezels, exhaust tips and 20in black gloss alloys. The roof rack has been replaced with roof moulding covers to give the Jeep a more streamlined appearance and the rear of the SUV gets a diffuser.

The interior of the new 4x4 features a leather-wrapped perforated heated steering wheel and ventilated sports-styled Nappa leather and suede seats. Carbonfibre accents are integrated into the instrument and door trim panels, as well as racing-style pedals.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee S Limited is available with a 3.0-litre turbodiesel V6 that produces 238bhp at 4000rpm and 406lb ft at 1800-2800rpm. It is paired with a five-speed automatic transmission. The 3.0-litre CRD powertrain is also offered in a low-output version, with 187bhp at 4000rpm and 325lb ft of torque across 1600-2800rpm.

The new Jeep Grand Cherokee S Limited will be available exclusively in Europe from September. UK pricing and availability will be announced at a later date.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee

The current Jeep Grand Cherokee is almost indescribably better than its predecessor

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20 June 2012

A futile excercise of turd polishing

20 June 2012

Old Toad wrote:

A futile excercise of turd polishing

nice. Have you read any of the reviews or, heaven forfend, actually been in the car yourself?

I ask because my suspicion is that you haven't: the new model is by all accounts radically different to its predecessor, most notably due to the fact it's no longer crap.

20 June 2012

It was a deliberately provocative comment as bugger all seems to be happening here thesedays . ie the forum has done a dinosaur its extinct its ceased to be etc etc etc .Ive tried opening threads to no avail so am now resorting to provocation to try and get a debate going .

How is sunny Canada . Duststorms here today and earth tremors yesterday .

So no offence meant .

20 June 2012

I'm a big fan of the Grand Cherokee but this particular variant isn't to my taste.  I'm no gangsta wannabe which would render the black grille and black wheels rather pointless.

If I was in the market for a Jeep it would have to be either the regular Limited or the Overland for me.

20 June 2012

Very cool! I like it.

20 June 2012

Appears to have quite an aggressive look about it. I wouldn't have one, but wouldn't blame people if they opted for it.

20 June 2012

"... puts an emphasis on a more sporting appearance" ... ??

Without upgrading the standard engine, it's like putting go-faster stripes on a Sherman tank (i.e. utterly pointless) ...

Sure, the black trim and leather seats make the Cherokee look the business, but it would've been better to say it offered a "more classy appreance" ...

20 June 2012

Agreed the new Grand Cherokee is no longer crap, but it most certainly can't hold a candle to European competition such as the X5, Disciovery, M-Class and Cayenne in terms of interior quality styling fuel efficiency or refinement or driving dynamics.

20 June 2012

I like the inside, but why all the black outside! Its not big or fat enough to be Gansta!

But good to see sweeping statements back into the forum.......

Try to compare spec for spec, and look at the difference and then decide if its enough to ignore some of its shortcomings that people percieve and most probably would not notice.

As for economy.......well if you look at a MB or BMW then they hit around 38-39 combined compared to the Jeep 34, and thats with the Jeep using an old slushy 5 speed. Be interesting to see what the new ZF 8 speed does.

Driving dynamics - again the whole point of vehicles like this have been hijacked by motoring press or wellie wearing wannabies. Its a 4x4 FFS. If you want driving dynamics you should not be getting into a 4x4. They have arguably come a lot futher in handling than the saloon car over the years, but still you cant make these things handle without changing something - just look how fat the current X5 looks. The Disco is the only other 4x4 that seems to have tried to retain the normal 4x4 shape.

I do get what you mean by polishing a turd though - rather than trying to menace it up they should concentrate on deploying the ZF boxes onto the production line. That would do much more than some wheels that dont show up the brake dust as much!

20 June 2012

It's on the same platform as the M-class and will get an 8-speed auto soon.  There really isn't too much wrong with it.


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