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More sporting crossover planned as part of expanded Cayenne SUV family, and one of seven new VW Group SUVs
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5 May 2014

Porsche is planning to expand its Cayenne SUV line-up with a uniquely styled coupé model. Design proposals for the new five-door liftback are described as already being at an advanced phase.

The Cayenne coupé, as the model has been christened in its development, will be positioned as a more sporting alternative to the regular Cayenne. It will receive a range of petrol and diesel engines, together with plug-in petrol-electric and diesel-electric hybrid powertrains, Porsche insiders have confirmed. 

It is one of up to seven new SUVs set to be developed on a new version of the VW Group’s MLB platform currently being engineered by Audi

Tentatively scheduled for introduction in 2018 as part of the third-generation Cayenne line-up, the Cayenne coupé has been conceived as a rival to the growing number of sporting, upmarket crossover-style vehicles, including the BMW X6, Mercedes-Benz MLC and Range Rover Sport.

"We have been considering launching a more sporting derivative of the Cayenne for some time now," a senior Porsche official revealed. "The problem has been the production capacity at our Leipzig factory and the strong sales of the regular Cayenne."

It is also understood that Porsche is concerned about preserving the exclusivity of its 911, Cayman and Boxster sports cars as it expands its SUV range. This will be a factor in whether the model gets the final production go-ahead, although approval does seem likely at present. 

With further investment set to increase production capacity at the Leipzig plant when the third-generation Cayenne arrives in 2017, company boss Matthias Müller has brought the coupé variant of Porsche’s strongest-selling model into its new model development programme.

The coupé’s styling will be an evolution of that seen on today’s second-generation Cayenne, a facelift for which is imminent before the third-generation model arrives in 2017. Expect the Cayenne coupé to adopt an edgier look with tauter surfacing and overall styling inspired by the 918 Spyder, as our artist’s impression reveals. A sleeker roofline, narrow glasshouse and sloping rear end will help to differentiate it from the regular Cayenne SUV. 

The interior will be shared with the new Cayenne, which again will be heavily influenced by the 918 Spyder hypercar.

The Cayenne coupé is set to be priced around 15 to 20 per cent higher than the current Cayenne, suggesting an entry-level price of around £50,000 for a 3.0-litre petrol V6 variant. As with the current Cayenne, an extensive model range is expected to include GTS, Turbo and Diesel variants, with the range being crowned by a twin-turbocharged petrol V8 with more than 550bhp in the Turbo S.

The chassis is set to be honed at the Nürburgring, with Porsche keen to push the Cayenne coupé’s sporting intentions. It will be lower overall and have a lower ride height than the Cayenne on which it is based, with the intention of giving the more road-focused model a lower centre of gravity.


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5 May 2014
Given the reception X6 and Merc SUV'/coupes get.
Accepting the fact that this sketch is sitting on about 28" wheels and wouldn't look the same on the miserly 21's likely to be standard - I, for one, like it. Might be in a minority tho. Actually makes more sense on a Porsche and, feasibly, means both the front and rear bear some relation to a 911 instead of only the front.

5 May 2014
...I don't think it's quite as ugly as the BMW X6, but few cars are. That's the most positive thing I can think of.

5 May 2014
Oh dear, oh dear! I have always argued against the naysayers who deride the Cayenne and the Panamera as they have been the saviour of Porsche, but this is a step too far for me. The X6 is possibly the stupidest vehicle on the roads, and I am horrified that Porsche should be considering making a copy of it, as I always thought of them as a company with some taste. Ghastly.


5 May 2014
Clunky looking, but surprisingly attractive, and shows the X6 how to do it.

Not sure about the mad low-profiles though.

5 May 2014
It's a shame that we live in a time where money overrules taste and tradition. I would put money on this car paving the way for a Macan 'coupe' (X4 rival). With the 4-pot, of course. Then we'll see diesels. Then a hatchback. Then perhaps that gorgeous 921 concept. Followed by a £30k sportscar to get people back on side after years of disappointment. This will be followed by people going "See, Porsche never stopped caring about sportscars, they're back in business". As soon as the last word is uttered, we'll be just in time for the second generation of X4 and X6 copies and the evil, downwards spiral will continue.

6 May 2014
Engelbert Humperdinck wrote:

It's a shame that we live in a time where money overrules taste and tradition.

So, just because everyone doesn't like what you like then no one has taste? What horseshit.

5 May 2014
I don't understand all this naive negativity. Porsche makes what sells. Porsche SUV has been outselling coupe even before Macan. However I can barely contain my laughter at Mr Kable saying this (BMW X4) copy will be "uniquely styled".

5 May 2014
fadyady wrote:

I don't understand all this naive negativity. Porsche makes what sells. Porsche SUV has been outselling coupe even before Macan. However I can barely contain my laughter at Mr Kable saying this (BMW X4) copy will be "uniquely styled".

Actually I think its the other way round, especially with German manufacturers of late, they make whatever they like, and sheeple buy them for the badge, and posing status.

5 May 2014
The Panamera is a Cayenne Coupe just lowered a bit as both are similarly ugly beyond compare. The fact that people buy them doesn't mean they are good looking. I have always liked the X6 and the new Mercedes "me-too" coupe isn't bad all-in-all but the big Porsches all look like 911s having gone to seed. Remember when Porsches had different looks for different models and there was no mistaking a 944 for a 928 or for a 911? It is as if Audi designs for Porsche as well nowadays!

6 May 2014
All those complaining have probably never tried to drive a low slung 911 across Brasil/Russia/China backroads. This is perfect for people who want sports coupe styling but need ground clearance.


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