Currently reading: New DS flagship SUV to rival Audi Q5 from 2024
Design will be inspired by Aero Sport Lounge concept; will sit above DS 7

DS will launch a large SUV by the end of 2024, with the new model sitting above the DS 7 and closely reflecting 2020’s Aero Sport Lounge concept. 

The model will complete a five-car line-up for the brand, which starts with the DS 3 (recently renamed from the DS 3 Crossback) and includes the DS 4, DS 7 and DS 9 saloon. 

While the DS 7 rivals the Audi Q3, the new model is likely to take on the Audi Q5, which occupies a vital segment for the UK and European luxury market. 

The new SUV, which has already undergone extensive testing, will be significantly smaller than the Aero Sport Lounge concept, which measured five metres in length. But the production car’s design closely reflects that of the concept, DS boss Béatrice Foucher has confirmed. 

Ds7 front three quarter

“The silhouette is inspired by the concept, and it’s between a hatch and an SUV to provide the best energy management,” she said, adding that the interior – yet to be revealed – could be described as “eye-catching”. 

The new DS will offer around 430 miles of range and is likely to use a larger, more advanced version of the new battery recently applied to the electric DS 3, which now has a claimed range of 250 miles.

Launching alongside the new SUV will be an electric version of the DS 4, following on from the firm’s previous commitment to release only electric models from 2024.

Given DS’s relative youth, Foucher said the firm had an opportunity to take customers on a journey of electrification, which was more challenging for established combustionengined brands. 

“This is the big benefit of not being so well known,” she said.

“We can catch people with the story of electrification. This is what Tesla did. We have the room to create the story. This is the reason why we are the first Stellantis brand to launch the new battery and powertrain on the DS 3, so that we are leaders in the company.”

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Q&A with Beatrice Foucher, DS CEO

Beatrice foucher ds

How is DS faring amid the challenges being faced by the automotive industry?

"We would like to produce more cars, obviously, but we are quite protected [from supply shortages]. Why? Firstly, because we are a highly profitable brand in Stellantis.

"Secondly, we must take advantage of this period where some premium brands have big shortages.

"We are gaining market share by being able to promise delivery of a car within three to six months - it’s not very short, but it’s much better than some [rivals]."

Is five models the right number for DS?

"I don’t think it’s necessary to have too many. The more you do, at the end of the day, the more the models overlap.

So for me, five models is good. I won’t ask for more. We have a little time to decide the plan for beyond 2025.

The move to electrification makes the cost high which will probably make us more even more premium. As a result, we need to look at the appropriate entry level into the DS line-up [for the longer-term]."

Might there be room for something less mainstream? For example, a luxury coupé?

"It will remain quite difficult but we have the opportunity to work with the other Stellantis premium brands and we’ve had some discussions already about what we might be able to do differently through shared technologies and synergies.

"I don’t want to say I am going to sell a sporty car because that’s not the purpose of the brand but we are looking at something [more exclusive]."

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Atlacan 22 November 2023

Wow, this is exciting news! DS is launching a new flagship SUV by the end of 2024, and it's going to be a serious contender against the Audi Q5. The design is inspired by the Aero Sport Lounge concept, which is a blend of a hatch and an SUV, promising optimal energy management. I'm particularly intrigued by the promise of an "eye-catching" interior, which is yet to be revealed. By the way, I've found top-notch writing support tailored to my needs. Their array of tools and examples make writing a breeze!

jagdavey 15 November 2022

If the concept car is anything to go by, it's clear that Citroen designers are taking the same drugs as BMW designers. Another thing that Foucher has forgotten is that the French don't do Premium. The only people doing that successfully are the Germans. A French luxury car, that's a joke innit?

Andrew1 15 November 2022
Actually they almost always had luxury vehicles. The original Citroen DS, SM, Facel Vega, C6, Renault Vel Satis, Bugatti Veyron, to name a few.

It doesn't mean they sell as good as their German counterparts, particularly in French-hating countries like the UK.

LucyP 15 November 2022

They never learn. Buyers are obsessed with brand image and DS doesn't have it. It's just Genesis or Infinity. Maybe they should try selling it in the USA!

Andrew1 15 November 2022
Genesis who? Seriously, that's a 5 years old brand. It doesn't have an image, most people never heard of it. Even fewer would recognise one on the street.

Infiniti - certainly a big brand over the ocean(s) but in Europe their tried and failed.
I can't even remember the last one I've seen on the street.