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Caterham joint venture with Alpine to produce £35k, two-seat sports car
Darren Moss
2 mins read
5 July 2013

Caterham’s new joint-venture sports car with Renault Alpine will cost £35,000 and be aimed at the premium sports car market when it goes on sale next year.

Caterham says it wants to fill what it sees as a 'significant market gap' left by Lotus’s recent woes. In particular, the brand wants to appeal to the professional female market.

Sales will be limited — Caterham is aiming for 3000 units per year — and up to 70 per cent of parts on the car will be shared with the Alpine version.

Engineers are now looking at 1.6-litre and 1.8-litre options, having reportedly rejected a 2.0-litre design put forward by Renault. A turbo 1.6 putting out about 300bhp is most likely.

Caterham is keen to link its road cars to Formula 1, so it is exploring the possibility of a KERS system being fitted. 

The Asian market — and Malaysia in particular — is where Caterham is hoping to push most of its sales. 

Caterham Technologies CEO Mike Gascoyne said: "When you’ve got an owner with an airline that will fly 40 million people there next year, you’ve got a big target market.

"If we do a good car, people will recognise it — and I’m confident that they’re going to. In a lot of parts of the world, Caterham isn’t that well known, and therefore we’re free to define the brand."

Gascoyne is pleased with how the joint venture is progressing, saying that it 'makes sense for as many components as possible on the two cars to be shared, including the platform.

Expect to see the car in its final production form after the Geneva motor show next March. The launch car will be followed by GT and Speed models a year later.

Alpine has already announced that its own car will cost about £50,000 when it is launched in 2016. That model will aim to 
rival the Porsche Boxster in terms of performance.

Caterham has also recently announced a new £15,000 entry-level model to replace its Classic 7.


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5 July 2013

I like the rendition above, the wheels look great, but the front could do with a bit more work- the rectangular air scoop is abit out of place in an otherwise compact curvacious shape.

1.6 Turbo seems on the face of it to be disappointing, UNLESS, it is the one from Cosworth! One that revs to 8500-9000 rpm would dispel any doubts and it would mean that the car is resolutely British at heart.

5 July 2013

Just stick one of the new 2014 Renault F1 engines in it


5 July 2013

is Malay professional females that fly on budget airlines.


5 July 2013


The possible link with Cosworth looks particularly tempting, especially if they will partner with Renault to develop it to suit road cars and meet current, and future, emissions regs.

A small capacity, high revving, powerful engine would complement the new Caterham perfectly.


Of course, the chance that the engine might also make it into a Seven should put a smile on even the most jaded face.........

5 July 2013

No-one in the motor industry explicitly targets women drivers - not even Mercedes-Benz with its A-Class - presumably for fear of being seen to patronise them and alienating the men. Or am I missing something?

5 July 2013

A new shape on the road?,yes,and thnk God for that!.,£35K...?,not a bad price,but, the prove is in the Pudding, if it performs,ie, handles as good as or better than the Porsche Cayman, then, they'll have to make more, won't they?

5 July 2013

The lights look like they've melted and slid down about a foot. The cleaner left an old shoebox at the front of it and the photographer didn't even have the sense to remove it before taking this snap. 

From the A pilar back it's a belter though. 

5 July 2013

If its manual it will be a winner. Apart from Ginetta this segment is really missing.

5 July 2013

nascar looking body

5 July 2013

I could never be dissapointed by a 1.6 engine with 300bhp.

Looks great.



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