Cadillac SRX SUV to go on sale next year
15 August 2008

Cadillac has shown the new SRX at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, a year before it goes on sale. Like the current SRX, it's a mid-sized SUV that sits between the BMW X3 and X5 in terms of size. The new car is similar in styling and proportion to the Provoq concept car, which was shown at the Detroit show in January, and more recently was on the stand at the London motor show.

Described by Cadillac as a 'crossover', the SRX will be based on GM's new Theta platform, which will underpin a number of other mid-sized SUVs in the corporate range, including the forthcoming Saab 9-4X. Both cars will be built in Mexico.Sales of the current SRX have been slow in the UK, but GM hopes that the new car will be able to broaden the brand's appeal thanks to modern styling and the future option of diesel engines.

Hilton Holloway

Our Verdict

Cadillac SRX

The Cadillac SRX is one of the most broadly talented models the marque currently makes. It appeals only the minority, however

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17 August 2008

This is fabulous news for the rappers who wish to trade down from their behemoth Hummers and full size SUV's!!

OK that may be a little harsh but I see nothing about this new design (or for that matter any of the Cadillac SUV's) that could possibly attract me into one, at any price!

The fact that few Britons bought any of the current model speaks well for Great Britain! To think that something so unsightly was shown at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance is nothing short of ironical (since it is supposed to be about elegance, after all) and actually quite demeaning of such a prestigious event.

Not all American SUV's are bad, by any means. The basic GMC Yukon and Chevy Suburban are honest and capable giants with many redeeming qualities even if they are gas-guzzlers. At least they look good, especially next to the Caddy SUV's which look like cheap tarts by comparison.

17 August 2008

yet another SUV. Who buys these cars? there are some small SUV's that make sense. Freelander cause it can actually go off road, and Kuga because it looks great! This SRX look okish but i doubt they will sell many. Cadillac really doesnt have a good enough image here which doesnt help

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