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November 30 unveiling at Design Miami event

The new Audi A8 will be launched on November 30, the company has confirmed.

The car will will be unveiled at the Design Miami exhibition, an art showcase that highlights cultural and technological progress.

See the Audi A8 spy pictures here

Audi is sponsoring the event as part of its 100th anniversary celebrations, and it has built a pavilion at the venue to house the A8, plus a selection of art from the Rubell Family Collection and by British designer Tom Dixon.

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The Audi A8 is a highly capable and desirable luxury saloon that's very easy to live with, despite its flaws

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Overdrive 1 December 2009

Re: New Audi A8 launch confirmed

fuzzy, what mpg do you get from that W12 engine?

ThwartedEfforts 30 November 2009

Re: New Audi A8 launch confirmed

fuzzybear wrote:

I've had an A8 W12 for a little over a year and the ride is very soft and supple on my 18's and left in comfort mode. I get to enjoy an amazing engine that i can put into manual mode, put my foot down and use all 12 cylinders and 450hp. The car is very subtle on the outside, granted, but I prefer it that way. I dont want to shout or show off. The car isn't for everyone elses enjoyment, its purely for mine and I get the best interior in the business. Still prettier inside than any S class, 7 Series or arguably Bentley. The cars engine, electrics have been perfect- the only grumble I have is with the rain sensors that aren't sensitive enough, and the absense of an intermittent function. The only real reason I may not consider buying another one is the sheer size of it. Luxury barges just aren't very practical.

Blimey. I'm not the guy who published the reliability data so there's no point moaning at me. I also didn't write all those reviews criticising the ride, I just happen to agree with them. It's a forum - people do that kind of thing.

Have you been in an S-Class? I'm beginning to wonder. You might prefer the A8's interior but the way it goes is objectively in another ballpark.

Andrew Lee 30 November 2009

Re: New Audi A8 launch confirmed

I'll have whatever substances coolboy is on...

Back to the new A8: a photo in A**o E*****s shows a monstrous version of the familiar Audi grille (+ relatively smaller light units). What happened to the more angular/hexagonal grille shown in the 'teaser' drawing? And has their 'design language' (sic) moved on at all?? I guess we'll find out tomorrow...