Currently reading: New Audi A8 launch confirmed
November 30 unveiling at Design Miami event

The new Audi A8 will be launched on November 30, the company has confirmed.

The car will will be unveiled at the Design Miami exhibition, an art showcase that highlights cultural and technological progress.

See the Audi A8 spy pictures here

Audi is sponsoring the event as part of its 100th anniversary celebrations, and it has built a pavilion at the venue to house the A8, plus a selection of art from the Rubell Family Collection and by British designer Tom Dixon.

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fuzzybear 2 December 2009

Re: New Audi A8 launch confirmed

Well I drive predominantly A roads with usual speeds of around 55/60 with occasional bouts of overtaking,on the display the average mpg hovers around 20mpg- but in reality I get a range of around 450 miles from a 90 litre tank. Once or twice i left the tank pretty empty before a refill -the warning display showing,but there was still about 1/12 of a tank there- so quite alot of fuel left from a 90litre tank. I think if i were being very conscientious I could get close to a 500 mile range, but really my drive consists of very little stop/start or stuck in jams,so i guess that's to be expected.

Overdrive 1 December 2009

Re: New Audi A8 launch confirmed

fuzzy, what mpg do you get from that W12 engine?

fuzzybear 1 December 2009

Re: New Audi A8 launch confirmed

ThwartedEfforts wrote:
Have you been in an S-Class? I'm beginning to wonder. You might prefer the A8's interior but the way it goes is objectively in another ballpark

Yes, a relative has always bought V8 S-class Mercedes in some form or other as far back as I can remeber. It wasn't the car I wanted and although I haven't seen his latest one, I know someone with a current S320cdi. I personally didn't want RWD or FWD but needed AWD & had decided against a 7 Series and an AMG CLS mainly for that reason. The CLS is about the only Mercedes, bar the C class I like, but on driving it, it seemed to be a statement car, so wasn't really for me . I did think about the M5, but the small tank and the jerky gearbox put me off, but we did consider a 550, along with 750, but again, it kept coming back to the fact it was RWD and i just didn't want that, not where i live. The A8 had always been a draw in its current form, so I guess its no surpise once i got in and sampled the interior and that sweet revving W12 i chose it. Perhaps the only surprise was opting for a W12 and not the 4.2 TDI, but not in choosing an A8. I haven't driven an S-class, just sat in tons.My Dad has an E- Class, which i know has left him practically stranded on some of the roads here when visiting in winter.