Currently reading: New armoured Mercedes-Benz S-class revealed
S-class Guard offers top-level protection from bullets and bombs, with modifications including new toughened glass and a panic alarm

A new armoured version of the Mercedes-Benz S-class has been revealed, joining the firm's range of special 'Guard' vehicles.

Offering protection for occupants against bullets, explosions, grenades and mines, the new S-class Guard is ranked as offering VR9 levels of protection, the highest accolade available. Mercedes says the Guard is the first car to have been certified to this level in terms of ballistic protection.

Modifications to the car, including reinforced body shells, double-plated welds, and toughened and thickebed glass significantly alter the standard S600's kerb weight of 2165kg, though the model's official weight has not been revealed. The S-class Pullman Guard clocks in at 4815kg - more than the 3775kg G63 AMG 6x6.

The S-class Guard is based on the S600, meaning power comes from a twin-turbocharged V12 engine with 523bhp. 

Inside, the car appears almost identical to the standard S-class, although Guard-specific equipment includes a panic alarm system, an automatic fire extinguisher, fresh air ventilation system and roller blinds for all windows.

Prices for the armoured S-class haven't been released, but the cost of fitting the necessary upgrades is reportedly in the region of £150,000, on top of the £139,985 needed for the standard S600 L.

Mercedes-Benz also offers Guard versions of the M-class, G-class, E-class.

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