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Polish-built £96k Hussarya supercar, developed in conjunction with Lee Noble, features a 6.2-litre V8 and is claimed capable of 0-62mph in 3.2sec
Darren Moss
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1 April 2014

The first pictures of the Polish-built Arrinera Hussarya supercar have been revealed.

Powered by a GM-sourced 6.2-litre V8 engine with 641bhp and 605lb ft of torque, the Hussarya has been developed with the help of Noble founder Lee Noble. Its makers claim a top speed of 211mph, and a 0-62mph sprint time of 3.2 seconds.

Arrinera Automotive says the new supercar "will be unique in its aerodynamics and lightweight construction", and that its interior features "high quality leather and composite materials". The cabin includes few luxuries, aside from air conditioning and an audio system. A thermal camera, which monitors the front of the car for dangers, is optional.

The Hussarya, which measures 4450mm long by 2056mm wide, with a height of 1190mm, features an independent suspension system, and 350mm performance brakes. It sits on 19-inch wheels. Its chassis is made from steel, with the bodywork made from carbonfibre and kevlar. Altogether, the Hussarya weighs in at 1300kg.

The company says it will start production of the Hussarya in the coming months, with plans to produce around 100 units each year. The car is likely to have a price tag of around $160,000 (£96,188), according to reports.

Arrinera's offering is just one of a number of niche cars revealed in recent days. The first prototypes of the Trion Nemesis, which is claimed to have 1973bhp available and a top speed of more than 270mph, are expected to be built next month. 


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1 April 2014
It probably doesn't have some of the high-tech aero and dynamic wizzardry of a 458, 12C/650S, Huracan or a 911 Turbo, but even then, under £100k is amazing, almost too good to be true. More so when it has a an excellent engine, has a carbon fibre and kevlar body and even though it has a steel chassis, there must still be some clever work involved for the car to weigh only 1300kg. And the fit and finish looks superb too. And while the superb styling has hints of some other supercars, it looks cohesive, resolved and sophisticate, is as mature looking as any rival and it looks a damn site more expensive that £96k. IMO it looks so much better than a 12C/650S and I'm a huge fan of the McLaren.

1 April 2014
The name is the clunkiest looking thing on the car, I like it. A proven powerplant and development team, a tempting price - a good effort. Let's see if they're still around in a couple of years time.

1 April 2014
...they are usally clunkiliy designed with panel gaps large enough to allow entry and exit. Wil be interesting to see the interior design.


1 April 2014
Pretty sure this will be like early noble cars judging by the price and performance figures. Really like the way the car looks as well. McLaren needs to hire the person who penned this.

1 April 2014
Great looking girls
Best looking supercar........
Poland eh !!! ;-)

1 April 2014
This thing looks fantastic. How on earth can they produce a car that looks this good, with that performance, for that price? This has to be the bargain of the century, especially considering it has been developed with Lee Noble, who is renowned for making cars that are brilliant to drive. Just one negative point - you would have to spec it without that awful name in big letters spread across its rear end!
Why would anyone pay nearly twice the price for a McLaren when they could buy this?

1 April 2014
...........Arrinera Hussarya isn't Polish for "April Fool", is it?

1 April 2014
Optional extras include a Lee Noble trailer. That improves aerodynamics and cuts the 0-62mph by 3 seconds and increases the top speed 283mph


1 April 2014
...they've certainly gone to town on the website.

1 April 2014
This is lovely. Agree that Mclaren should snap up the designer. The P1 looks great (if a bit like a grinning frog at the front) but the 650 shows that after the disappointing 12C, the P1 was a bit of a fluke. They really should have put the additional time and expense it to completely rebody the thing. It's such an awkward, half of one, half of another, half hearted result. Also, the P1 front is NOT attractive enough to build a whole range around. Back on topic, the Polish thing is a cracker.


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