Currently reading: New 2022 Mazda 2 Hybrid is Toyota Yaris-based supermini
Mazda will sell Yaris-based 2 Hybrid alongside the existing petrol-powered 2 in the UK from April

The new Mazda 2 Hybrid is a Toyota Yaris-based supermini that will be sold alongside the current petrol-powered 2.

On sale in the UK from April, it's the first production Mazda to arrive as part of a new electrified vehicle partnership between Toyota and Mazda. It will be built and supplied by Toyota but marketed exclusively as a Mazda model.

The first full hybrid to join Mazda's line-up, it will sit alongside mild-hybrid versions of the 2, 3, CX-30 and CX-5 and will eventually be joined by the brand's first plug-in hybrids, which are due from 2023.

The powertrain is carried over from the Yaris Hybrid, pairing a 1.5-litre three-cylinder turbo petrol engine with a single electric motor for a total system output of 114bhp. It will get from 0-62mph in 9.7sec and reach a top speed of 109mph.

The new 2 Hybrid is capable of up to 74mpg on the WLTP combined cycle while emitting between 87g/km and 93g/km of CO2. 

Like the Yaris, it starts automatically in EV mode and can be driven with the engine off for short distances at low speeds. It's also equipped with regenerative-braking technology. 

While Mazda takes the Yaris as the base for the 2 Hybrid in Europe, Toyota has previously marketed the existing 2 as the Yaris in North America.

Mazda has yet to announce plans to take the existing – and completely unrelated – 2 supermini off sale. 


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catnip 7 December 2021

I really do not see the point of this.

gavsmit 6 December 2021

Do these blatant re-badging exercises ever work out well for the manufacturer that is pretending the car is their own model?

You don't see many Suzuki Swace or Across models driving around but lots of Corollas and RAV-4s for example.

In fact it makes Mazda and Suzuki look like very poor cousins of Toyota (if the models were co-developed it would be a different matter) especially when the models are priced similarly but miss out on things like longer warranties etc. There should be some incentive for buying the rebadged model, but there doesn't seem to be, and Mazda and Suzuki don't have more desirable badges than Toyota.

Suzuki shouldn't have gone down the 'more upmarket' route as their cars were good, reliable, value for money models that undercut the competition - but not any more.

Mazda kid themselves they are sporty / upmarket, but by doing this with the Yaris, they've made themselves look like a company that is desperate for help and on its last legs.

SmokingCoal 6 December 2021

Between January and October this year Suzuki sold 4,260 Swace cars across Europe and only 1,357 Across cars. 

jason_recliner 7 December 2021

It will be way too expensive for you.  Ignore, and buy an old VW.

Mini2 6 December 2021

Wow. I knew they were basing it on the Yaris but wasn't expecting them to literally switch the badges. This reminds me of the Suzuki and Toyota partnership, which feels like a set of manufacturers that don't really have a clear vision and a lack of regard for their design philosophy. How odd to sell this alongside the petrol-only 2. Will Mazda, Toyota and Suzuki still be around in the not too distant future? This makes me worry - especially when we are literally revisiting tricks from the 90s.