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SUV-styled Jazz will open the door for more rugged Hondas

The new Jazz Crosstar will pave the way for other Honda models to receive ruggedly styled derivatives as the Japanese maker hones in on the demand for SUVs.

Jazz project boss Takeki Tanaka said: “The demand for compact, multi-purpose vehicles is a new trend, and in future we will have some derivatives in that direction.

“Jazz customers are wide-ranging in age, and we particularly wanted to appeal to customers interested in advanced technology and an active lifestyle. That was our motivation for developing the Crosstar.”

UK buyers of the Honda Jazz are predominantly older, but the model is popular with twenty-something buyers in Asia.

Outlining why Honda will launch more Crosstar models, Tanaka explained: “Some customers don’t see the need for an SUV, because of the size or drawbacks in fuel efficiency.

“These are the customers who don’t want a hatchback or saloon but want to differentiate in order to showcase their lifestyle, and it’s those customers for whom we believe Crosstar is a perfect match.”

A number of manufacturers are launching rugged variants to play to SUV demand. Ford offers the Ford Fiesta and Focus Active, while Audi revealed the A1 Citycarver last year.

The Crosstar has increased ride height over the standard Jazz, a unique front grille, integrated roof rails and two-tone paint schemes.

The Crosstar is the range-topper in the UK, being priced at £23,580 – £4690 more than the entry-level Jazz.


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Deputy 29 May 2020

Polo Dune anyone?

Must be a bargain now.... from 2004

catnip 29 May 2020

In some ways I like this

In some ways I like this trend for offering SUV styling traits as a trim option on standard models, it offers the look for those who want it without filling the roads full of even more bloated and heavy SUV's. But I don't think its such a success on this model, which already has a dated look before it has gone on sale.

Peter Cavellini 29 May 2020

My my Arona?

 Honda joins the party with their take on a small SUV...?