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Celebratory model arrives a quarter of a century after Rover Mini Cabriolet

Mini has launched a 25th Anniversary edition of its Mini Convertible in its most luxurious form, with just just 300 being produced.

It has been 25 years since the launch of the Rover Mini Cabriolet. The celebratory 2018 model builds on the base of the Cooper S Convertible with lounge leather-covered seats, white mirror caps and 18in Mini Vanity wheels.

P90302827 highres mini 25th anniversar

Each car is painted in Starlight Blue and wears contrasting white bonnet stripes. The fabric roof has a Union Jack pattern.

The kit list is based on that fitted to Chili pack models, so includes the top-spec sat-nav and a Harman Kardon sound system, while a numbered plaque has been added to signify the car’s anniversary status.

P90302831 highres mini 25th anniversar

No changes to the engine have been made, so the 2.0-litre unit remains capable of 189bhp and 207lb ft of torque. It enables a 0-62mph time of 7.2sec and a top speed of 143mph.

Prices for the limited-run model start at £32,995. This is £9165 more than an entry-level Cooper S Convertible, although much of the cost increase can be attributed to the additional standard features of the 25th Anniversary variant.


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gavsmit 2 May 2018

Defies logic

Who in their right mind would consider paying £33k (plus the usual 5k of essential options) for this car?

This onward roll of obscene car price rises is beyond a joke. Are manufacturers trying to make as much profit as they can before governments ban fossil fuels and the freedom to drive your own car (that's when cars become mere white goods like washing machines so no-one will want to fork out the extra for a desirable badge on an 'appliance')?

Finance packages also have a lot to answer for.


catnip 2 May 2018

gavsmit wrote:

gavsmit wrote:

Who in their right mind would consider paying £33k (plus the usual 5k of essential options) for this car?


People do add a lot of unnecessary options to MINIs, often encouraged by motoring journalists who seem to suggest they're vital and that they will make little difference to your monthly payment. You probably wouldn't need to anything to this one, though, as it sounds like they've already thrown everything at it.

rare 2 May 2018

33 grand. Wow.

33 grand. Wow.

HumberView 2 May 2018

Union Jack

Is this a ship or a car? It's a Union Flag.