Mini has dropped the 1.2-litre engine from its line-up and replaced it with a detuned version of the Cooper's 1.5-litre three-cylinder unit; the limited-run 1499 GT kicks off the tweak

Mini has revealed the 1499 GT - a throwback special edition paying tribute to the 1275 GT, the classic bored-out sporting special Mini built between 1969 and 1980

Unlike the 1275 GT to which it pays tribute, the engine has not been bored out to expand its capacity; and sports suspension is the only mechanical upgrade over the standard Mini.

What’s new, however, is that it will be the first Mini to receive the 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine in this state of tune - Mini is dropping the smaller 1.2-litre engine from its line-up of both three-door and five-door variants from November. The new engine set-up provides identical performance figures to the now redundant 1.2-litre unit. A Mini spokesman put this down to "simplifying engine production ahead of EU6C emissions requirements."

It’s available in black or white only and is marked out by exclusive decals with 1499 GT down the lower sides of the car - a nod to the original 1275 GT - that are gold or black, depending on the body colour. The John Cooper Works Sport Pack is included and, inside, the car has JCW sports seats, steering wheel and door entry plates. 

The 1499 GT car has 17in wheels as standard that are painted black. 

Under the bonnet, it’s unchanged over the standard 1.5-litre three-cylinder turbocharged Minis, meaning 101bhp and 62mph in 10.1sec. 

Mini is building the UK-only special edition between November and February, and expects the £16,990 car to sell out quickly. Sales have already started, but deliveries aren’t expected until later in November. 

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Mini Cooper S

Now in its third generation, we find out if the bigger, cleverer and more mature Mini can still entertain like it predecessors did

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11 October 2017

A 1.5 Turbo with 101bhp. Yes the Turbo gives it more torque but it also adds cost, takes up space, alot more complicated, more maintenance, probably won't last as long as the car... I could go on.

Suzuki, Mazda get 120bhp+ from 1.6'ish na's so for small town cars why Turbo?

typos1 - Just can’t respect opinion


17 November 2017

Do you have an opinion on EVERYTHING?.

You COULD go on? never stop.

Question remains to be answered...why have YOU not made it to the top of the auto industry heirarchy?.

No doubt, a smarta**e opinion on this post will soon appear.

11 October 2017

£17,000 is a bargin but a better bargin would be to chip it (150bhp) for £500 in 3 years after the warranty has expired!

Be like getting another new car

typos1 - Just can’t respect opinion


17 November 2017

Bargin...really?. Try bargain.

11 October 2017

Is the Cooper S not a 2.0 so the Mini is not a 1.5 only range?

11 October 2017

I think this might be the first MINI I like the look of.  Pity it's not a bit quicker, like its ancestor.

11 October 2017

I had wondered how long the 1.2 3cylinder motor would last in the MINI, as they made a similar move with the last generation. The previous One originally had a 1.4 engine, but after a while they replaced it with a lower tuned version of the 1.6 Cooper unit. The range must be due a mid life nip and tuck in other respects soon though.

11 October 2017

Not sure why Autocar put the 1.5 litre 'only' part in the headline as it's not correct. The petrol range now starts with this engine but the existing larger capacity engines remain.

What does seem to have gone unreported is that the auto for these entry level engines is now a Getrag dual-clutch affair, the Aisin torque converter is gone. Same has happened for the X1.

11 October 2017

A lot more money for something with a lot less power than the Cooper.

Maybe this is a new ploy by marketing types to con more money out of people - special editions based loosley on sentimental retro models.

I'll wait for a Suzuki Swift Sport thanks (as long as Suzuki don't get greedy regarding the price).


Everyone has a right to an opinion - don't confuse that with insulting your mother :-)

12 October 2017

Those photos of the old 1275GT alongside this new monster must have been photoshopped to make the new MINI look almost as small as the old Mini!


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