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New car to be displayed at Silverstone event on 4-6 June

MG fans will get an exclusive preview of the new MG6 at the “MG Live!” event at Silverstone from 4-6 June.

The new MG6 will join the recently relaunched MG TF sports car as the centrepiece of the company’s stand at this MG Car Club-organised event, and will also be on the track over the weekend.

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The car club has been running this event for 60 years and new MG owners SAIC are keen to show the new generation of cars to club members.

“We strongly believe that the loyal fans of the MG brand should have the first opportunity to see the new MG6,” said MG’s UK marketing director Guy Jones.

“This is already a great event and a testimony to the strength of the MG brand, so it is fitting that we take the all new MG6 there as part of the celebrations surrounding the MG brand.”

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Symanski 16 April 2010

Re: MG6 to make UK debut

kcrally wrote:
we all saw what happened to daewoo

Just as they were building up their own reputation they got bought over by Chrysler and it all went pear shaped!

kcrally 16 April 2010

Re: MG6 to make UK debut

waste of time. its a chinese car for the asian market. i'm not sure why indian and chinese manufacturers, think they can break into such a crowded market place of europe. your better off with a second hand peugeot. we all saw what happened to daewoo.

MattDB 16 April 2010

Re: MG6 to make UK debut

As a past owner of several classic and modern MG's over the past 25 years, and been a visitor to many MG events I can say that the arrival of the MG6 at this flagship MG event will be a real test that I think will do well.

MG enthusiasts tend to be experts at making excuses. MG's have a massive following but as the product has never been class leading and always suffered from average build quality, all you hear are either excuses or conversations about how the car will be modified and improved during restoration, therfore an admission that the standard product was substandard. Looking at the initial review, yes ride and handling look good but at least MG fans won't be denied the opportunity to make appologies for the crummy engine, cheap interior and dull styling. They will be in their element. (And before I get moaned at for my comments remeber I am an MG enthusiast as well!)