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New E-Class Estate is slightly wider than its predecessor and has an EQS-inspired design

Pricing for the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate has been confirmed by its maker, with the £78,835 E300e plug-in hybrid in AMG Line Premium Plus trim topping the range.

Two 48V mild-hybrid powertrains will also be available in the UK at launch: the 194bhp E220d diesel and the 201bhp E200 petrol.

The E200 is the entry-level offering: the diesel engine costs £1290 more and the PHEV carries a £9095 premium. 

At £57,930, the least expensive E-Class Estate available at launch is the E200 AMG Line, which counts adaptive headlights, two-zone climate control and heated seats among its standard equipment.

As before, the new E-Class Estate will be sold alongside the Mercedes E-Class Saloon, revealed back in April, for the model’s seventh generation.

Mercedes E-Class estate side tracking

It measures 28mm wider than the previous car and its wheelbase has also grown, by 22mm to 2961mm. 

The new estate features 615 litres of cargo space, compared with 650 litres offered by the Volvo V90 and 586 litres in the Audi A6 Avant. With the seats folded down flat, cargo space rises to a van-like 1830 litres.

Plug-in hybrid models have 460 litres of boot space, which increases to 1675 litres with the seats folded, because of the location of the battery.

The model has also received a design refresh, with gloss black styling cues taken from the firm’s all-electric EQS model line-up. It features a sleeker roofline, while a new black panel stretches from the radiator to the headlights. 

Mercedes E-Class estate rear tracking

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Mercedes has continued the digital-driven overhaul of its model interiors with the E-Class Estate. It has the latest, third generation of the firm’s MBUX infotainment system with augmented reality, voice assistant and online music streaming. 

Also included is a suite of digital apps, such as TikTok, Angry Birds and Zoom. A sophisticated AI system can learn the driver’s habits and routines, suggesting specific functions it thinks the driver might use. 

Level-four autonomous driving tech also comes in the form of an optional driverless valet parking function (previously an S-Class exclusive) in markets such as Germany, where the law permits it. 

Mercedes E-Class estate dashboard

Engine outputs range from 194bhp to 375bhp and all are mated as standard to a nine-speed automatic gearbox. 

They are also all paired with a gearbox-integrated starter motor, which adds a boost in power and torque, with improved efficiency and fuel savings when coasting. 

The plug-in hybrid variant is also available from launch and features a 24.1kWh battery that gives up to 62 miles of electric-only range. 

The estate gains single-chamber air suspension at the rear as standard for improved ride comfort, with the firm’s Airmatic system with adjustable damping optionally available. The car can tow up to 2.1 tonnes.

Additional reporting by Charlie Martin

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MisterMR44 20 June 2023

A handsome estate, as you'd expect from Mercedes-Benz... but it's now too wide and (doesn't mention the weight here) likely now too heavy. I have a C-Class estate (S206) and find the interior displays in that distracting enough but this looks even worse...! And I see they still haven't ditched those awful steering wheel touch controls... they alone would put me off of buying another Mercedes-Benz...

French J 20 June 2023

Spot on to those commenting on the increased width (Grrrr!), and the ridiculous amount of tech.  

289 20 June 2023

When you think back to how quietly classy the S124 used to be inside....this looks a complete mess, with so much tech no one actually needs...all the more to go wrong and with an even greater appetite for semi-conductors. Tech which will go (expensively) wrong.

Once again, another, increase in width. When will manufacturers realise that you cant keep on increasing cars width version by version. The roads (and parking spaces) are not getting any bigger, nor will they ever get any bigger.

No one ever complained about lack of space/safety in the S124 (1724mm vs 2093mm width today). This is the difference between being able to drive unhindered on UK shires lanes, and having to stop to climb the bank everytime you meet a car coming the other absolute pain and high risk if you ticked the poncy 21 inch wheel option!