Currently reading: McLaren Senna gains 100bhp with Novitec tuning package
German firm's modified ECU and bespoke exhaust give Woking's hypercar nearly 900bhp

German tuning specialist Novitec, known for upgrading some of the world’s most powerful production supercars, has unveiled an 889bhp upgrade package for the McLaren Senna.

The hypercar gains an extra 100bhp over the standard Senna courtesy of the 'N-Tronic' modifications, giving it a power-to-weight ratio of 743bhp per tonne - roughly equivalent to that of the Ferrari LaFerrari hypercar and significantly more than the track-only Senna GTR. Torque has been boosted as well, up from 590lb ft to 655lb ft. 

The 0-62mph sprint can now be dispatched in 2.7sec - 0.1sec quicker than the standard car - but top speed is unchanged at 208mph. 

The increased potency of the Senna’s 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 comes courtesy of a remapped ECU that tweaks injection and ignition sequences, and a bespoke exhaust system made from Inconel - an ultralight alloy used in Formula 1 car components.

The exhaust is said to allow the engine to “breathe more freely” while allowing for optimised temperature in the engine bay thanks to its enhanced insulation over the standard unit. It exits from under the rear spoiler - as in the standard car - and can be specified with either a polished steel or matt black finish. 

Elsewhere, the Senna’s styling is largely untouched, save for the addition of a set of bespoke centre-lock alloy wheels developed in partnership with US firm Vossen. The rear wheels, at 21in in diameter, are 1in larger than the fronts, which Novitec says puts “even more emphasis on the wedge shape of the car”. 

The wheels are available in a total of 72 different colours, and are wrapped in a set of Pirelli P Zero performance tyres. 

Each item in the N-Tronic set can be purchased individually, with Senna owners invited to specify whether they would like the full power upgrade or just the Novitec exhaust system, for example. Prices have yet to be announced, but can be expected to be significantly higher than a standard Senna. 


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Peter Cavellini 14 April 2020

Boutique Car?

 Mix n match, have it your way, two jingoistic sales sentences, still, not doing any harm,and if you've got the means and your on the list to get, who are we to critique you, there, I said it, and so what, another 100bhp,  not a vast increase in performance for cars like this, it's not McLarens best looking car.

NoPasaran 14 April 2020

Just what I needed

will buy two, for my daily Senna and for my girlfriend's one

I hope the price is not too low, if it is not expensive it is not worth it

Theojw71 14 April 2020

And the point is...?

100BHP extra, for countless thousands of extra pounds or dollars; masses of extra torque. Top speed? The same. Acceleration? 0.1 second quicker. Styling kit or bling-factor? Your exhaust might look slightly different if someone climbs under the car. But you can brag in the pub to the precisely zero people who want to hear your stats. No-one will ask. Pointless.