Currently reading: Mazda MX-5 gets added kit to comply with new safety regs
Facelift also brings reworked limited-slip diff, tweaked steering and upgraded interior tech

The facelifted Mazda MX-5 will be sold in the UK, the brand confirmed at the car's debut at this year’s Tokyo motor show.

The roadster has gained a host of safety kit to ensure it can remain on sale as new GSR2 safety regulations come into force.

These include lane keeping assistance, speed limit warning and traffic sign recognition systems.

It also introduces a series of mechanical updates, including a new limited-slip differential for range-topping 2.0-litre cars with a manual gearbox. This differential features different cam angles on its acceleration and deceleration sides, with a stronger setting on the latter to increase stability through bends.

In addition, there is a new track-focused setting for the stability control system, which is intended to strike a balance between dynamism and security for first-time track drivers.

New Mazda MX-5 differential

The electric power steering settings have also been revised to reduce steering rack friction and provide a “more natural and fluid” response, Mazda said.

The engine line-up is unchanged, comprising two naturally aspirated four-pots: a 1.5-litre unit outputting 130bhp and 112lb ft, and a 2.0-litre powerplant with 181bhp and 151lb ft. 

However, the accelerator pedal has been fettled to deliver quicker, more accurate responses from each engine.

Inside, the updated MX-5 receives a larger, 8.8in infotainment touchscreen and USB-C ports have been added to the phone cubbyhole on the centre console.

New Mazda MX-5 interior


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The most obvious visual change is the integration of a sensor box into the front grille, supporting the new driver assistance systems. However, the headlights and rear lights have also been redesigned – albeit subtly – to distinguish the facelifted car from current examples.

UK deliveries of the new MX-5 begin in March 2024. Mazda has yet to detail pricing for the revised model, but it is expected to be more expensive, given the cost of integrating the new technologies.

For reference, the MX-5 currently starts at £25,825, which nets a 1.5-litre model in Prime-Line trim. Upgrading to a 2.0-litre model requires moving up to Exclusive-Line at a cost of £30,410.

The MX-5 RF, with a folding hard-top roof, is priced from £27,725. The 2.0-litre RF starts at £32,310.

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mx5xm 25 October 2023

Looks good and on my shortlist! 

xxxx 25 October 2023

And why cannot Toyota do the same with GR86.

Goatwidcoat 1 November 2023
I believe the reason it cannot be sold from next year is something fundamental with the shape of the car and to do with its roof. The automatic versions comes with auto cruise control, auto braking etc and all the other new EU regs that Mazda have just added but it still cannot be sold.