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Test mule spied near firm's Norfolk base was evaluating the Evora's V6 engine

Lotus is working on a fresh revisions to the Elise and Exige — and they could include a V6 powerplant, judging by the exhaust note of this test hack spied close to the firm’s Norfolk base.

This Exige has widened wheel arches and increased cooling. Our spies reported that its engine sounded the same as those of nearby Evoras, suggesting that it has six cylinders.

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The Evora’s Toyota-sourced V6 powerplant would add bulk to the Exige, potentially raising its weight beyond the 1000kg level. But it would also offer more power and torque than the car’s current four-cylinder powerplant. Even the hardcore Exige S has 257bhp and 174lb ft; in the Evora the V6 produces 276bhp and 258lb ft.

The Exige V6 was first mooted late last autumn, but management changes at Lotus are said to have put the project on hold until a fresh, more comprehensive business plan for the model could be compiled. The fact that this car has been seen in the last fortnight appear to indicate that development has now been signed off.

This test car also shows that Lotus is considering chassis tweaks to the Exige; the wheelarches have allowed a modest increase in track, and the rear wheels appear to be sitting slightly further back in the chassis, suggesting a longer wheelbase.

John McIlroy

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SF695 22 June 2010

Re: Lotus set to launch Exige V6

Correction. 2GR-FSE. An 'FAE would be equipped with Valvematic. Got them mixed up.

SF695 22 June 2010

Re: Lotus set to launch Exige V6

The engine isn't that old. It's from 2006 and there are 4 variants of it. This one the 2GR-FE, used in the lotus is the basic one, also found in Toyota Camry.

The 2GR-FZE is a supercharged versions of 'FE, putting out 323 hp.

The more advanced 2GR-FAE with direct injection combined with port injection putting out 311 hp NA. It's used in Lexus IS 350, Toyota Crown and Toyota Mark X.

And finally there is the supercharged version of the 2GR-FAE, used in the Toyota Mark X, that puts out 355 bhp.

dadio 9 June 2010

Re: Lotus set to launch Exige V6

Could just be product range gap plugging taken to the extreme (well the Germans do it all the time, and the Japs!) but my bet is it was just a hack to test the Evora powerplant without sending out an Evora proto to get snapped. Though it is odd it didn't get spotted earlier if that is what it is/was.

Would be a very extreme (new name for a Lotus??? Will I get the credit?) Exige and take sales away from performance variants of Evora which presumably would be not as fast if engine in smaller car is in identical state of tune.

Will we ever know...?