Currently reading: Lotus Evora 400 gets new weight-saving options
Lotus Evora 400 buyers can now opt to make it 42kg lighter than the standard model at 1353kg in total

The Lotus Evora 400 is now available with lightweight options that include a new carbonfibre pack, lithium ion battery and titanium sports exhaust.

The options can reduce the weight of the car by 42kg to 1353kg when buyers also opt to remove the air-con unit and the rear seats of the standard 2+2 layout.

The carbonfibre pack costs £6500 and features the use of carbonfibre for the front splitter section, roof panel, rear wing centre, rear diffuser finisher, front access panel and wing mirror caps, saving 5kg. The titanium sports exhaust saves 10kg and costs £1350, and another 10kg is saved by the £5500 lithium ion battery.

Jean-Marc Gales, Lotus boss, said: “The Lotus Evora 400 is already the lightest car in its segment, with supercar performance, benchmark handling and the purity of the driving experience expected of a Lotus. We are now giving customers an opportunity to drive an even lighter and more responsive car.”

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Lotus has also fitted a cupholder and storage tray to its Evora models, which is an option for cars in the EU.

Customers can already opt to remove the air-conditioning and rear seats to reduce weight.

The Evora 400 costs from around £73,000 in the UK and is powered by a 400bhp 3.5-litre V6 engine that enables a 0-60mph time of 4.1sec.

Lotus has recently been producing more lightweight, driver-focused models, such as the Lotus Elise Race 250, which is the fastest racing Elise yet produced.

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Leslie Brook 18 August 2016


If you're so hung up on weight saving, instead of buying a 2 seat version of a 4 seat car wouldn't you just buy a proper 2 seater in the first place?
Herald 18 August 2016

For those with money to burn.

If I've read this right, they charge you 13k to shave off 25 kilos ... ouch! Most people old enough to afford one of these could probably save 10 of those kilos just by cutting back on the nosh and doing a bit of exercise.
manicm 18 August 2016

So what exactly...

Is the point of the near 911 priced Evora today? Talk about scraping the barrel bottom.