Pictures of the new Renault Megane have been leaked on the Internet
3 September 2008

This is Renault's new Megane, which has been revealed early after these pictures leaked onto the web.

Due to be introduced at next month's Paris motor show, the third-generation Megane will go on sale in November this year at comparable prices to the current car.

Separate three and five-door (or coupe and hatchback) versions of the Megane are planned for this generation. You're looking at the five-door, and pictures of the coupe will emerge after the Paris show, with sales beginning early next year. According to company sources, only the bonnet, rear bumper and headlights are shared across the two cars, so prepare for something a little more radical.

We know that Renault's priorities during the development of the new Megane were to achieve improved quality, better value for money and better powertrain efficiency than the current Megane. Comfort and refinement are also thought to be a key part of the new Megane's brief.

The aesthetic is a far cry from the more adventurous spirit of its direct antecedent, and more in line with the more conservative-looking, fleet-targetted Laguna. There's no bustle-back hatch here, and a much more conventional silhouette. Flame-like headlights, a wave-like shoulderline and a thick, tapered C-pillar are the highlights.

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Renault Megane

The Renault Megane looks bland, and it's not that good to drive either

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3 September 2008

I was expecting Renault to do a much better job of the design of the new Megane. I'm quite disappointed that there is so many design features from other manufacturers. For example: the bonnet appears to have been inspired by the not-so-goodlooking Peugeot 308, wheelarches come from the Mazda 6 and the window line and side/door design is very similar to that of the Fiat Bravo. I am not saying that the new Megane is an ugly car, but certainly not what I was expecting it to be. The last Megane was not the best car in its class, neither was it particularly beautiful, but it was so different from everything else - I think that was what made it sell. It's a shame that Renault is not as brave as it used to be. I only hope that the three-door will be better.

3 September 2008

I've seen spy shots of the Coupé and it looks absolutely stunning. It is far and away closer to the original concept - very striking indeed. As far as the 5-door goes, I think it's very tidy and good-looking overall, but doesn't make a statement like the current model. Carlos Ghosn and his cronies are ruining some of Renault's designs in my opinion. The Twingo would probably have been much more adventurous had it not been for him. I quite like the Laguna. Ghosn seemed to think the Megane was a big mistake and apparently it doesn't sell well - I suspect that's only in some markets though. It was continually in the Top 10 sales charts in the UK from 2003 to 2007, and it surely did very well in its home market. But this latest Megane isn't quite as stylish as I originally thought it would be, yet it's still fairly unusual, and I suspect it will grow on me like the Laguna did. Can't wait to see the three-door, which is also due to be at the Paris Show - it's set to be Renault back to its best...

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

3 September 2008

I really liked the Laguna when I first saw it - Now I think it might be one of the most coherent designs of recent times - This one is a little more fussy but it's bound to look much better in the Flesh - I like where they are going - simple, European elegance.

Bring back steel wheels.

4 September 2008

I agree it does look generic.. but I hated the last 'Megraine' simply because it wasted so much space, was fat, used horrid cheap plastics inside and had a tailgate that when opened was targeted at your temples.. OUCH and hence the megraine

This prettier Megane, follows the crowd far to much.. the driver is sat whey back in the cabin.. fabulous in a crash, but for driver involvement and control? All this and a small glass area means it will be a nightmare to see out of too..

I do like the very Renault and very distinctive front end styling, its much prettier than with the Laguna in my opinion and follows the Renault identity with the bull nose, grill less styling

4 September 2008

You have to hope renault have made a better fist of reliability this time. Truly awful on the current megane, right up to the 08 cars....i know, i have one, and the megane forum is awash with reports of malfunctioning and failing meganes. One particularly regular and highly expensive fault is when the dephaser pulley on the 1.6 controlling the VVT system gives up the ghost. Very common, completely debilitating, £600 a pop, and tho widely reported, Renault refuse to recall.

If they are looking at current owners upgrading they need to restore confidence in their uk customer service and approach, or they will continue to suffer their reported current sales decline.

As for this cars looks, i think its more balanced than the nose heavy laguna, and has some interesting flourishes.

But, the last megane sold on looks and was different. This car
(5dr at least) is not as distinctive, and the opposition have caught up with safety.

With kia offering the good to drive attractive and safe ceed, with a 7 year warranty, i have had my fingers burnt with renault, and know what i would buy next time.

What is the new meganes USP?

4 April 2014
The range could include a Defender, and perhaps a slightly more upmarket Toyota LCruiser equivalent.


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