Currently reading: Lambo builds 10,000th Gallardo
Gallardo becomes Lamborghini's most successful model ever

Lamborghini has built its 10,000th Gallardo at its Sant'Agata Bolognese factory, a production record for one of its supercars.

The 10,000th Gallardo was finished in Midas yellow and was delivered to a customer in Shaghai at a special ceremony over the weekend.

See the 10,000th Lamborghini Gallardo on the production line

The V10, four-wheel drive Gallardo was first produced in 2003 and revised in 2007. It is sold in 120 dealerships in 45 countries worldwide.

Lamborghini boss Stephan Winkleman said: “Production of car number 10,000 is a very important milestone for Lamborghini. The Gallardo is playing a significant role in the growth and recognition of our brand."

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Lesia44 30 June 2010

Re: Lambo builds 10,000th Gallardo

Straight Six Man wrote:
Don't like the understeer? Buy the Balboni =)
I think I remember reading that they've dialed it out of the newer version of the regular model too. Don't like the sound of snatchy brakes, though. That can't be much fun.

Straight Six Man 30 June 2010

Re: Lambo builds 10,000th Gallardo

Lesia44 wrote:
Jon Hardcastle wrote:

Blimey this is a milestone I bet Lambo never dreamt they would achieve. Question is has Audi ownership taken away some of the classic Italian feel...... I don't know but maybe someone who has owned or knows someone who owns a Lambo can comment.

Well, not having driven any of the old Lambos I can't comment on 'classic Italian feel' but I have done a couple of thousand miles in the first generation Gallardo and it was everything that I imagined a Lamborghini would be. It's an absolutely wild ride when you're nailing it and you step out of it buzzing after a hard drive on a twisty road (certainly more that after a drive in a more composed Ferrari F430). The only crit I'd have would be that there was a little more understeer than I expected (can't remember reading about it in reviews at the time) when attacking tight bends hard. So as far as I can see Audi ownership is just a good thing in that the cabin was well made but still felt like the cabin of a supercar and it didn't break down all the time (only some of the time!). In fact, from everything I've read, most old Lambos weren't that great to drive so I guess Audi has much to do with that as well. And, again from what I've read, the new version has taken it all to another level so it looks like Audi are first in a long line of Lamborghini owners that are worthy of overseeing such a great brand.

Don't like the understeer? Buy the Balboni =)

Los Angeles 29 June 2010

Re: Lambo builds 10,000th Gallardo

Lesia44 wrote:
If you were to see the Gallardo side by side with the Veyron
On that score you have my full agreement.

I have always viewed Lambos of old as brutal, repulsive expressions of absolute mechanical power, hellish to handle. The latest designs tame all that, subtle, yes, but beautuful, no. I have never considered a hard angle in anything beautiful. Nature shows us beauty isn't a triangle.

Good wishes with the car designed - if only some bloggers understood how hellish a car is to design and get right!