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A two-way average of 277.9mph makes the Koenigsegg Agera RS the fastest production car yet

Koenigsegg has broken the speed record for a production car after recording a two-way average speed of 277.9mph in the Agera RS

The run took place in Pahrump, Nevada, and breaks the previous record holder, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, which recorded a speed just shy of 268mph in 2010.

Factory driver Niklas Lilja was behind the wheel for the run. 

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Neither Koenigsegg nor Lilja are new to a record. Also driving the Agera RS, they recently broke the 0-400kph-0 record set just weeks earlier by Bugatti's Chiron.

Bugatti’s previous record of 41.96sec is 5.52sec slower than Koenigsegg’s, although Bugatti has yet to do a full top-speed run in the Chiron. Koenigsegg has also yet to fully demonstrate the top speed of its range-topping hypercar, the Regera

Although not yet officially confirmed, the Koenigsegg run was recorded and verified by Racelogic. 

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Torque Stear 6 November 2017

Just did some quick calcs,

Just did some quick calcs, that road is at ~850 meters air density is only 92% of seal level.

Assuming that power on the car does not significantly drop off due to the turbo's being able to make up the pressure deficit I calculate that the Veyron Super Sport would be able to do around 275mph on that road.

This assumes that the engine doesn't hit the top line or move out of the power band in top gear (unlikely).

The Chiron top speed of 288mph is entirely credible if they can find the right tyres, on that road a top speed of around 296mph might be feasible!

eseaton 6 November 2017

Yes.  Very well done

Yes.  Very well done Koenigsegg. Excellent to the the VW Bugatti stuffed!

275not599 6 November 2017

Wonder if this was at Spring

Wonder if this was at Spring Mountain Motor Sports Ranch, owned by an enthusiast who is building a place for people to have car-based fun, including a track longer than the ‘Ring.  Being in Nevada, the area offers alternative entertainments, such as Sheri’s Ranch (expensive), The Chicken Ranch Brothel ($250-$300 a shot), and The Alien Cathouse (charming).  Crowd-sourced reviews, needless to say.