Heavily revised production model of the concept hybrid hypercar priced at £1.23 million; performance specs rival McLaren P1 GTR and LaFerrari FXX K

The production-ready Koenigsegg Regera hybrid hypercar has been revealed at the Geneva motor show.

Set to be made in strictly limited numbers for around £1.23 million each, the first hybrid Koenigsegg model was introduced in concept form at the Geneva show last year. The Swedish car maker says that since then more than 3000 changes have been made to the car, including slashing its kerb weight to 1590kg.

Sporting a softer, less aggressive design than the more hardcore Agera RS, the Regera appears virtually unchanged from last year’s concept car.

Powering the Regera is a combination of a twin-turbocharged 5.0-litre V8 engine with 1085bhp at 7800rpm. Joining the V8 engine are three electric motors - one on each rear wheel and one on the crankshaft - which produce an extra 704bhp, giving the Regera a combined power output of 1479bhp together with 1475lb ft of torque.

Power for the electric motors is drawn from an 800 volt battery pack, something Koenigsegg says is a world first. The firm says its battery technology is on par with that found in Formula One cars. The battery features sophisticated cooing technology and is housed within a sealed unit for better cooling. The pack weighs 90kg - a saving of 25kg compared with the Regera concept.

Koenigsegg claims the Regera can reach 62mph in 2.8sec, 124mph in 6.6sec and 186mph in 10.9sec. The 0-249mph sprint should take an estimated 20sec, while acceleration from 93-155mph should take 3.9sec.

Those specs put the Regera on par with the likes of the McLaren P1 GTR and LaFerrari FXX K - both track-only derivatives of existing hypercars.

Key to the Regera’s blistering performance is Koenigsegg’s Direct Drive transmission. The system is said to be capable of reducing energy losses by up to 50% compared with normal transmissions and CVTs.

Koenigsegg says the interior of the Regera has been designed with “optimum comfort and functionality” in mind. The rear and side-facing cameras can be optioned together with a forward-facing camera to produce a bird’s eye view of the Regera. Apple CarPlay features as standard, and the Regera offers a WiFi hotspot and inductive charging for mobile phones.

Describing its new model, Koenigsegg says the Regera is “the latest embodiment” of the company’s vision to “find the best possible solution to a given challenge. Our enduring goal is maximum performance, the pursuit of automotive perfection.”

Koenigsegg says the first Regress should be delivered towards the end of this year.

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1 March 2016
"The battery features sophisticated cooing technology"

So this is the car for the rich pigeon fancier then...

1 March 2016
@stavers. And apparently the car changed its name from Regera to Regress in the last paragraph!

Sorry for the whingeing, but it really it time that someone at Autocar stopped relying on spell checkers and actually proof-read articles before they go out.

1 March 2016
I can understand the hype of Geneva clouding thought, but it shouldn't stop proof-reading (as mentioned above). 1085bhp from the V8 and 704bhp from the motors doesn't make 1479bhp, a Chiron this is not...

Even so, the Regera is a hell of a thing.

1 March 2016
It's not that simple! The various motors don't produce max power at the same time.

1 March 2016
0-186mph in 10.9sec. Jeez. If that's accurate it's nearly half the time of an actual LaFerrari (as opposed to Ferrari's ridiculous claims which always seem to be quoted). What a stunning machine which makes a total mockery of the Bugatti.

1 March 2016
@AHam204 The total quoted power is what you say but they are never available at the same time as the leccy is tailing off as the V8 is hitting its stride. Max available at any one time is what they are quoting as top power.

1 March 2016
Better looking than that other Koenigsegg introduced at Geneva.


31 January 2017
What does Koenigsegg have to do to get a fair crack at the whip? Performance figures "on par with the likes of the McLaren P1 GTR and LaFerrari FXX K". On par? It completely blows them away!

And you can drive it on the road. When tested the LaFarrari takes about 20 seconds to 186mph yet they claim 15 I think. They also claim it weight 1200 odd kg when it's nearly 1600kg. Nobody ever takes them to task and you're magazine is one of the ones that always mentions the absurdly low weight figure.

I really do lose respect and as a result don't really trust your verdict when you test one of their cars (and Ferrari's always seem to win tests, I can't remember the last time they didn't...).

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