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Bosses admit production version of C-X75 is under discussion

Jaguar bosses have supported the idea of the firm having a supercar ‘halo’ model in its range — and admitted that the idea of producing the stunning C-X75 for sale has not been ruled out.

Jaguar’s chief designer, Ian Callum, believes that the famous British sports car company needs a supercar in production if it is to have the ideal model line-up.

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Commenting on production prospects for the C-X75, revealed at the Paris motor show, Callum said it was not possible to say yet whether a rumoured batch of cars could be built for sale. But he admitted that he is in favour of the idea.

"Our job as designers is to destabilise things,” Callum said, “and to dream of exciting cars the company is not making now. I happen to think Jaguar needs a car like this. Everything about it is new yet it recalls one of our greatest designs of all time, the XJ13.

“It’s no secret that the reception we’ve had for C-X75 has been fantastic,” he added. “The company won’t allow such a reaction to be lost without at least having a detailed discussion about how it can best be harnessed.”

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Callum’s comments have been supported by Jaguar Land Rover boss Carl-Peter Forster. He said the firm had been “overwhelmed” by reaction to the concept and admitted: “We would love to do it, but it will take up a lot of resources. We have not come to a conclusion yet.”

At the very least, the C-X75’s grille design is sure to be seen on Jaguar sports cars of the future. “The idea was born with the XF saloon, and has developed quite a bit from that,” Callum said.

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lilianna 4 April 2014

I believe it ll sell well,

I believe it ll sell well, and the guys at Bentley deserve success.
Citytiger 13 December 2010

Re: Jaguar 'wants a supercar'

TStag wrote:
Jaguar can and should do this because this is where the Jaguar story started

The Jaguar story didnt here, is started with making motorcycle sidecars, The Swallow sidecar Company, then progressed to Swallow Saloon Cars (or SS car), Jaguar became used eventually as the SS moniker was not very popular for obvious reason in the late 30's early 40's...The story is a lot move involved than that but thats the bare bones.

What Jaguar want and what they need are entirely different, the need to sort out the rest of the range first, starting with a small diesel engine and an expanded XF range, ie coupe and estate, then an X-Type replacement, by the time they have accomplished that, at their current speed of development it will be time to replace the K and the F and give the J a facelift. Get the bread and butter right and then worry about the filling.

supermanuel 13 December 2010

Re: Jaguar 'wants a supercar'

paddyb wrote:
Jaguar needs to focus on its bread and butter models, the 'cash cows' that could finance such a flight of fancy. Building this car may make its workers / dealers happy, but it is not a serious priority for a company needing to re-establish its engineering credibility.

It does reek a bit of 'the cart before the horse', hence my insistence that this car should not be developed at the expense of the rest of the range.

paddyb wrote:
Meanwhile, BMW, Toyota, Honda or someone will take the idea, hone it for mass production and if they are first to bring it to market, they will make billions - not Jaguar. It is because we don't think big, and don't do the hard work of developing our ingenuity, that we lag behind.

Here's a thought... turbine powered XK, XJ and XF hybrids....