Currently reading: Jaguar E-Pace launched with record-breaking barrel roll - with video
Stunt driver Terry Grant rolled the E-Pace to a world record with a 15.3 metre, 270-degree barrel roll

The new Jaguar E-Pace has rotated its way into the record books with a 270-degree, 15.3-metre flying barrel roll. 

The stunt took place at the Excel centre in London, taking a 160 metre long run up to build up speed for the 15 metre jump. Stunt driver Terry Grant was behind the wheel for the trick, which was verified by Guinness World Records.

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The stunt took inspiration from the famous barrel roll that takes place in James Bond film The Man With The Golden Gun. The E-pace was launched off a metal ramp one side, with a softer dirt bank on the other side cushioning the car’s landing. Both ramps were computer designed, and the precise launch speed calculated to ensure both the car and Grant survived intact.

The car and driver set the record for the furthest barrel roll completed in a production vehicle, and months of testing was completed in order for the jump to run smoothly. 

Grant was also behind the wheel for Jaguar’s last world record stunt: a 19.08-metre-high loop the loop completed at the launch of the Jaguar F-Pace in 2015. That set the record as the tallest loop the loop completed in a production car. During that stunt, Grant experienced 6.5G, compared with the 5.5G he experienced during the barrel roll.

Speaking about his new record, Grant said: “As far as I am aware no production car has ever cleanly completed a bona-fide barrel roll and therefore it has always been an ambition of mine to perform one ever since I was a boy. After driving the Jaguar F-Pace in the record-breaking loop-the-loop, it has been amazing to help launch the next chapter of the Pace family in an even more dramatic dynamic feat.”

The E-Pace and F-Pace are expected to be joined by the all-electric I-Pace and a larger seven-seat SUV in coming years, and it seems likely both lunahced will be marked with a similar vehicular stunt. Any ideas for what Jaguar should do next? Let us know in the comments below...

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Scoobman 14 July 2017

A great stunt

Interesting to see the large metal sheeting covering the underside. Presumably they don't want to give away any secrets of modifications that they had to make to the car so as to make the stunt work.

Another nice advert, Jaguar.

coolboy 14 July 2017

next stunt


 I-Pace gets fully serviced at the JLR dealership while TESLA driver waits for fully OTA update.

xxxx 14 July 2017

Telsa driver

coolboy wrote:

 I-Pace gets fully serviced at the JLR dealership while TESLA driver waits for fully OTA update.

...whilst asleep in bed at home.

Peter Cavellini 14 July 2017


Best look Jaguar yet......?, could be, let's hope the hype lives up in the real World.