Now that was a fun way to launch a car. Instead of the usual covers off and executive speeches telling you how sliced bread has just been usurped, Jaguar chose instead to show the world the F-Pace for the first time by running it through the world’s largest loop-the-loop.

Stunt drive Terry Grant fired the F-Pace at a 19.08-metre-high ‘0’, the 0 in a giant 80 to signify Jaguar’s 80th anniversary. He made it, and set a new Guinness World Record in the process, the 22nd to his name, presenter Martin Brundle told the assembled crowd.

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The stunt was the result of a precise mathematical formula, and several months of planning. Grant had to approach the loop at 53mph. When he was going round, the speed dropped as low as 15mph. He had to follow a white line throughout the whole movement to ensure he kept it the right way up in a stunt that lasted just three seconds all in, and saw him pull 6.5G.