Right-hand drive models will be build; on sale in UK next September
25 November 2009

The rear-drive Hyundai Genesis Coupe will be built in right-hand drive and will come to the UK towards the end of next year.

The decision to build the two-seater in right-hand drive has been signed off by Hyundai management and the car will go on sale here next September.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe pictures

The Genesis saloon on which the coupe is based will also be built in right-hand drive, but it will not come to the UK; it will be sold in Australia, Japan and South Africa.

Hyundai Europe and Hyundai UK differ on the car’s engine choice. Europe wants a four-cylinder 2.0-litre turbo, while the UK is keen on a V6.

The four-pot has 207bhp at 6000rpm and 223lb ft at 2000rpm, while the V6 produces 302bhp at 6300rpm and 266lb ft at 4700rpm. The Coupe comes with a six-speed manual ’box or a six-speed ZF auto. The US model offers a limited-slip diff as an option.

Hyundai’s product offensive will continue into 2011, with six new models. The two most significant are the Veloster coupe and the i40, which will be launched first as an estate and will replace the Sonata.

The difference between the i40 and the Sonata has been described by a Hyundai source as “the same as between the Accent and the i30”.

The i10 will get a facelift at the end of next year, as well as Hyundai’s new three-cylinder petrol engines.

Dan Stevens

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25 November 2009

I'm surprised "europe" didn't demand a diesel engine. They must have given the vote to somone who cares.

25 November 2009

This is a good looking car . I know some of you lot out there will disagree but take the badges off and it could be anything Japanese and will cost less . I certainly dont diss Hyundai out of hand these days . Depreciation will no doubt be savage but that is good news for canny second hand buying tightwads like me .

Whaddyathink Hyundai smoke ?

25 November 2009

[quote Old Toad]Depreciation will no doubt be savage[/quote]

Possibly not. Yes it is a V6 rear wheel drive coupe, but so it the 350Z / 370Z and that isn't too bad in the depreciation stakes.

I would personally guess it will get a lot of buyers who may have previously considered cars like the Monaro. I would also think Hyundai UK will keep a close eye on supply which will help matters.



It's all about the twisties........

25 November 2009

[quote Old Toad]

Whaddyathink Hyundai smoke ?


Yes, that'll be tough to guess. :)

Seriously though, the derivative (though not bad looking) styling apart, the Genesis looks like a very good effort from Hyundai. Be interested to see how it shapes up against European and Japanese opposition.


25 November 2009

Great news! Hopefully it'll get the "380GT" badge rather than the meaningless "Genesis Coupe" name.

In US reviews it stacks up very well against the 370Z, Infiniti G37, Camaro, Mustang, etc.. even before you consider the price.

As long as the price is kept sensible it should steal a good few sales away from the 370Z.

26 November 2009

[quote Old Toad]Whaddyathink Hyundai smoke ? [/quote]

Please don't encourage him. Glad it's coming to the UK though.

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