Currently reading: Honda NSX to bow out in 2022 with hardcore Type S edition
Just 350 examples of the hybrid V6 supercar's uprated commemorative edition will be built

Honda has revealed a preview of the Honda NSX Type S, which will arrive at the end of 2022 as the swansong for its hybrid V6 supercar.

The limited-run model will be officially unveiled in the coming weeks, but it has today been teased in a series of images, under a low-light camouflage, revealing bespoke design cues that will mark it out from the standard NSX.

Grey exterior paint, black trim, red brake calipers and Type S badging positioned just ahead of the rear wheels will be the defining cues, while a red engine cover will nod to Honda's performance car heritage. Each of the 350 units built will receive a numbered build plaque, too. 

Honda has also promised "enhancements to performance and design with the goal to create a model that goes beyond all NSX models that came before".

Performance figures are yet to be revealed, but it's highly likely that the electrified 3.5-litre V6's output will be bumped up from a standard 573bhp closer to the 600bhp mark, alongside upgrades to the brakes and suspension to enhance the car's agility. 

Production of the second-generation NSX will continue to take place at Honda's Performance Manufacturing Centre in the US, before coming to an end in December 2022. 

Honda will produce 350 units worldwide, with 30 of these for Japanese customers. The model will not be offered in the UK, following the end of NSX sales here in 2020.


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jason_recliner 4 August 2021
One of the few true modern greats. The sheeple didn't buy them, will just make it even more collectible. Seeing one would be an event.
Boris9119 4 August 2021

I live in the USA and the NSX has been an absolute sales flop. The allocation of this run out model is more a reflection of the number of Acura dealers here and the demographic that attracts versus Honda. I am a potential purchaser of an NSX as an alternative to my Carrera S, but as others have stated the NSX comes across as a 75% effort. I hope this final edition is a blockbuster but I sense it will be lukewarm?

Phewitt21 3 August 2021

I think it was a missed opportunity for Honda, even in the US it didn't sell well, it had generally positive reviews.   I wondered if it was caught between 2 lines of thought,  Japan wanted a lightweight more aggressive performance vehicle to highlight their engineering capabilities,  the US team who developed the car wanted more power, felt their were marketing opportunities with a Hi Performance hybrid - the car was quick but never the quickest, the biggest complaint in the road tests seemed to be largely about the weight being apparent when pressing on and the hybrid and Petrol engine not being absolutely in sync.

exterior looked fine I thought but interior wise was bland - I'm glad It was built but will the run out model be the car the NSX should always have been