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Production version of Sports EV two-seater tipped for new electric car platform, could be joined by hot e prototype

The new electric car platform developed for the production version of the Honda e prototype will be used for other small EVs in the future – which are set to include a a hot version of the e, and a production version of the Sports EV Concept.

The Sports EV Concept was shown at the 2017 Tokyo show, and previewed a striking two-seat, rear-wheel-drive sports car with styling based closely on the Urban EV Concept that previewed the e prototype. It was intended as a vision of a flagship performance EV from the firm that would sit alongside the Honda Civic Type R and NSX.

The production car that is developed from the e prototype will be built on a new platform designed for A- and B-segment electric cars, and e prototype project manager Kohei Hitomi confirmed it would be used as the basis for a range of machines. It is likely that the firm would push to style those cars in a similar retro manner to the e prototype to create an EV family, although more traditionally styled cars are also likely.

Speaking about the platform, Hitomi said: “The fundamental technology is there and our colleagues in the design department are thinking in many directions.” 

Asked if the platform would suit a car like the Sports EV, he said: “It can be any car. It can be a sporty car or a box-type car. Personally, I’d very much welcome a sporty car on that platform.”

Speaking at the Geneva show, Hitomi said the e prototype was already developed for good driving dynamics, but that "If there was demand in the market [for performance variant], we’d definitely consider it.”

However, he added: “At the moment, we don’t expect to have a high demand for a high-performance variant of the e prototype. The car has been designed to satisfy all the demands and requirements with dynamic driving behaviour.”

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catnip 2 March 2019

The production version of the

The production version of the Urban EV concept is very disappointing, will Honda lose their nerve with this one too?

Sonic 3 March 2019

catnip wrote:

catnip wrote:

The production version of the Urban EV concept is very disappointing, will Honda lose their nerve with this one too?

I had similar thoughts when I first saw the E Prototype a few days ago, but that's because I was only comparing it directly to the concept car. But actually, if I ignore the concept and compare it to most other cars on the road, it's a brilliant looking thing. There's a half hour video on youtube (Fully charged) where they take a closer look at the details of the car, and why certain changes were made from the concept. After watching that, I appreciated the design a lot more. 

I just wish the battery range was improved. Looking forward to their next EV though. 

martin_66 2 March 2019

Like it!

There is something of the ‘60s about this design.  It looks small, neat, cute, and generally very appealing to the eye.

I really hope Honda finds a way to make this car.  Just a shame that at the same time they announce this car, they are shutting down a factory and making 3,000 of our fellow countrymen and women unemployed.

Real_sluggo 2 March 2019

mmmmmm. savour the mundane

mmmmmm. savour the mundane