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Ford Performance flagship now available with exposed carbonfibre bodywork option

Ford has updated its Ford GT supercar for 2020 with increased power, additional standard features and subtle mechanical tweaks inspired by the track-only GT MkII launched last year

The GT retains its 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6, but power output has been slightly boosted from 638bhp to 651bhp with the addition of higher-energy ignition coils and a new type of ‘gallery-cooled’ piston design, which helps the engine to perform better at high temperatures. 

At the rear of the GT, a new buttress shape has been designed to increase airflow over the car by 50%, while larger intercoolers help the turbochargers to operate consistently under load. The suspension behaviour has also been tweaked in Track Mode to enhance body control. 

A titanium exhaust system from Slovenian firm Akrapovic – up until now an optional extra for the GT – is now standard. It's said to be around 4kg lighter than the standard unit, while retaining the GT’s characteristic engine note. 

Ford has also announced the introduction of a new special edition of the Ferrari 488 rival. The GT Liquid Carbon is covered all over in a clear coat that leaves its carbonfibre body panels exposed and sits atop a set of carbonfibre wheels as standard. Optional extras include titanium wheel bolts, six-point racing seatbelts and racing stripes.

The Gulf Racing Heritage paint scheme, which pays homage to the original GT40 that won Le Mans in 1968 and 1969, returns for 2020 with a new dividing line between the orange and blue portions. The model’s racing-style number 9 decal has also been swapped for a number 6. 

The updated GT is now available to order in the US, but a Ford spokesperson said there are no plans to bring it to the UK, where the supercar's allocation has been fulfilled. Global production of the model will end in 2022. 

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The new Ford GT is technically wonderful, brilliant to drive, and to be admired because it’s a £420,000 supercar from the people who usually bring you Fiestas

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Peter Cavellini 7 February 2020

For the money

 Ten percent, that's £470,000 roughly, but, in the rarified air of supercars that'll seem like a bargain, you won't be able to by one, if I remember it was invitation only, the previous cars sold came with a caviate that you couldn't see it for two years, thus I think the same will happen to this update, so come on Autocar, give us a road test with its rivals, be nice to read in the Summer time.

jason_recliner 7 February 2020

My Lotto Win Car

Pure sex on wheels.
Peter Cavellini 6 February 2020


 The Supercar hardly anyone talks about, isn't road tested much, and, when there's a Supercar showdown, it's not at the party, why?

Tuatara 7 February 2020

Peter Cavellini wrote:

Peter Cavellini wrote:

 The Supercar hardly anyone talks about, isn't road tested much, and, when there's a Supercar showdown, it's not at the party, why?

Yes I too didn’t think it received the reception it deserved although it was praised by top gear where it won performance car of the year around 2017 or 18