Currently reading: Ford GT MK IV is £1.4 million track-only swansong
Final, track-only version of the current Ford GT packs 789bhp, a racing gearbox and stretched wheelbase

Ford has revealed the Ford GT MK IV, which will be the last ever track-only variant of the current generation of the supercar. 

Priced at $1.7 million (£1.4m) and limited to just 67 units, the MK IV follows the Ford GT LM Edition, which represented the end of road-going production for the high-performance two-seater. The new MK IV features a unique livery that pays homage to the Ford GT MK IV from 1967, which won the Le Mans 24 Hours. 

Power has been improved, from 650bhp on the standard Ford GT to 789bhp, thanks to an upgraded twin-turbocharged Ecoboost engine. There's also a newly added “proper racing transmission”. 

Other changes include aerodynamic upgrades and an extended wheelbase, as well as the addition of adaptive spool valve suspension, supplied by engineering firm Multimatic. 

The chassis is constructed from adhesive-bonded honeycomb aluminium, which reduces weight. Ford says the changes improve the GT’s handling on the track. 

“The original GT Mk IV held nothing back for max track performance, and the new Ford GT Mk IV brings it in the same way,” said Mark Rushbrook, Ford Performance boss. “With an even higher level of motorsport engineering and performance, plus a completely new carbonfibre body that is functional and striking, the Mk IV is the ultimate send-off of the third-generation supercar.”

Multimatic executive vice president Larry Holt said the firm’s goal was to develop the “most extreme” final version of the Ford GT.

“A unique, larger-displacement engine, proper racing gearbox, stretched wheelbase and truly radical body has resulted in an unprecedented level of performance," Holt said. “We are proud to have been a part of the third-generation GT from its inception to this amazing swansong and consider it a significant chapter in Multimatic’s history.”

Ford will choose specially designated customers for the racer early next year before deliveries begin in the third quarter. 


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Peter Cavellini 9 December 2022

Ok, there has been one, but correct me if I've missed some.

jason_recliner 10 December 2022
What is the relevance or interest in whether there's been 1 or 100 tests?
Peter Cavellini 10 December 2022
jason_recliner wrote:

What is the relevance or interest in whether there's been 1 or 100 tests?

I think it's relevance is , that there haven't been many put in media and Car shows hands to test, am I right in remembering that Ford told prospective owners that, if they bought one, they couldn't sell it for three four years?, maybe that's why there haven't been many independent tests?

Peter Cavellini 9 December 2022

When was the last test on an actual road car?, can't recall reading or watching a Video either, don't owners let Magazines test them?

DannyHolmes 9 December 2022

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