Currently reading: Ford GT advertised in Europe for €200k over retail price
GT deliveries haven’t yet started in Europe, but dealers are ready to make a profit

The first Ford GT in Europe is being resold for £200,000 more than the retail price – despite the fact that no examples have even been delivered here yet.

Supercar dealership Fragopoulos, which is based in Switzerland, has listed the Ford GT for sale, with delivery in September this year and EU specification.

While the standard retail price has not yet been confirmed by Ford, the GT is expected to cost between €500,000 and €550,000, which, at current exchange rates, translates to £429,000 to £472,000.

The dealership’s owner, Simon Fragopoulos, said the first GT it sells will have a premium of €200,000 (£171,000), which means the buyer will pay between €700,000 and €750,000, or £600,000 to £644,000.

Fragopoulos said that, by comparison, in the US, third-party Ford GT retailers were pricing the model from $800,000 to $1,000,000 (£637,000 to £796,000).

With total production of the GT capped at 1000 units, Ford has introduced a detailed selection process for buyers interested in the model. The company says it has picked GT buyers based on responses to a questionnaire, with a preference given to prospective buyers who will drive the car regularly - rather than collectors who may not take it out on to the road or dealers that hope to profit from the car.

A Ford spokesman said: “The first GT application window was in spring 2016 and it will reopen in early 2018. The application process serves as a means to evaluate and select potential customers from a pool of candidates. Special consideration will be provided to loyal Ford customers, including those owning a previous-generation Ford GT. 

“Customers will be kept in close, direct contact regarding all details of their order by the Ford GT Concierge Service. No cars have been delivered outside of the US to date. UK Ford dealers will be involved for deliveries and handovers, but none has a car for onward sale."

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bowsersheepdog 14 February 2017

Autocar's credibility is missing, presumed dead

It's a Ford, and therefore is garbage and would be overpriced at four hundred quid, never mind four hundred thousand. But given the amount of truth which regularly fails to make an appearance in Autocar's reviews of Ford products, it's likely that this entire article is pure fantasy which they've been told to write to secure their backhander for the month. The idea that somebody would be stupid enough to pay fifty per cent over list price for a Ford is utterly unbelievable.
FuManchuria 2 February 2017

Cheats and liars.

So, the outrageous cheating at last year's Le Mans has paid off! Unlikely to have bought a Ford before but sure as Hell won't after the lies they spewed out at the time.
Be advised; Ford did NOT win their class at Le Mans 24 Hours of 2016. Well, not in any meaningful way.
In any event their GT was not then, even if it is now (is it?), a production car.
And anybody who pays that much over the odds, or anything over the odds come to that, are clearly out of their minds.
voyager12 2 February 2017

Shows what legacy does to a car...

Can't see GM having a halo car like that. Must make them think.