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Company CEO confirms to Autocar that UK-developed Ronin will be unique in its positioning

US firm Fisker's new Project Ronin electric sports car promises a range bigger than any EV on sale – and will be unique in its positioning as a four-door convertible.

Company founder and CEO Henrik Fisker has revealed to Autocar that the Ronin – which is being developed by Fisker's new Magic Works facility in the UK, run by ex-Aston Martin special vehicles boss Dave King – will be a 'four-door EV luxury sedan' with an opening roof.

This, he explained, is "a big challenge" because "it needs a unique, innovative, strong lower rocker structure to compensate for the lack of a B-pillar, to be able to sustain side impacts". There are no electric, four-door convertible sports cars currently on sale, but German firm Wiesmann last week revealed its new Project Thunderball, a two-door roadster with 671bhp and a 2.9secs 0-62mph time.

A new preview image of the car shows the Ronin with its top down.

Fisker also confirmed to Autocar that the Ronin will target a range of 660 miles on the WLTP cycle – which does indeed surpass any production car currently on sale – while packing a tri-motor drivetrain that will get it from 0-60mph in less than two seconds. It is scheduled to be revealed in August next year and enter production in the second half of 2024, joining the Fisker Ocean SUV and the firm's upcoming Pear urban EV in an expanding line-up. 

A fourth model will follow in 2025, but its design and positioning are still being finalised by company bosses.

The Ronin will be the third model in the American brand's line-up, following the Fisker Ocean SUV and Fisker Pear compact car. Henrik Fisker said the Ronin will be constructed using advanced, lightweight materials and focus on range, performance and overall driving experience.

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It will also feature active aerodynamics and an innovative battery design, with the pack integrated into the structure of the vehicle.

Fisker promises it will have the spirit of “a proper British sports car” and described it as “a redefinition of a luxury sports car of the future”.

It will feature unique doors and a vegan interior with an “advanced design”.

Henrik Fisker said: "The aim is to achieve the world's longest range for a production EV, combined with extremely high levels of performance. Project Ronin will be a showcase for our internal engineering, powertrain and software capabilities.”

Fisker plans to put one million EVs on the road between now and 2027 and will expand the company further to become a million-cars-per-year business beyond 2030.

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scrap 5 May 2022


Theres a reason 4 door convertibles don't exist anymore, and it's impossible to see how this body style also gives you the longest range of all.

Just when I was starting to think the Ocean might actually be viable... the claims made for this concept stretch credibility.

abkq 5 May 2022

"Fisker plans to put one million EVs on the road between now and 2027 and will expand the company further to become a million-cars-per-year business beyond 2030" - 

Ego certainly isn't in short supply in start-up EV companies.

wmb 5 May 2022

Why does the world need a four convertible that can do 0 to 60 in about 2 seconds?! With all the other challenges associated with EVs, shouldn't Fisker's engineers be working out those issues for their vehicles? What ever happened to the revolutionary battery pack/chemistry that he boasted about, that he originally had for the Ocean? Only to use the BEV platform of a Tier 1 supplier! Like the gull wing doors of the Model X, as impressive as they are, such one off things only add complexity, needless cost and future repairs, along with unnecessary hits to a models perceived and reputation. With the styling of so many vehicles today, especially EVs, being dictated by wind tunnels and the results being a sea of sameness in many respects, IMHO, I believe many buyers buyers would be willing to for go some efficiency, if they could purchase a really beautiful and timeless vehicle. This, as a designer, I thought was something Fisker's ball of wax?! A line of beautiful EVs, with 300 bhp and 300 to 350 miles on useable range, for 30-40K, should be the goal. Not rootless four door sports cars, which are more fantasy, concept car, wishful thinking and a future headache should it ever make it to production!