Currently reading: First 1000 next-gen Ford Mustangs to be sold as special editions
Limited edition 50th anniversary special Ford Mustang likely to produce 444bhp

The first 1000 examples of the next-generation Ford Mustang will be sold as special editions.

The model, reportedly called 2014.5, was revealed on an internet forum by a Ford spokesperson and is in celebration of 50 years of Mustangs. The post revealed that the limited edition will be the first Mustang to be based on Ford's next-generation S550 platform.

The car will reportedly use a 5.0-litre V8, producing around 444bhp and will have a unique VIN and build number.

Ford wouldn't confirm whether the special edition would be coming to the UK through its dealer network - although it will make an appearance through importers. Prices are unknown, however, expect to pay a premium for the rarity of the model.

The car is unlikely to have many other changes over the 2015 Mustang, which is expected to be offered in the UK with a modified 2.3-litre version of the Focus ST engine. The V8 will also be available, but sales are predicted to be limited in this country.

Ford has previously sold special editions of the Mustang to celebrate important milestones in its history. The last special edition, built to commemorate the Mustang's  45th anniversary, was sold in 2009.

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