Currently reading: Finnish firm to reveal 'world's most customisable supercar'
Tritium supercar features adaptable Lamborghini-style bodywork and 671bhp electric powertrain

Finnish start-up company Tritium plans to reveal what it calls “the most customisable supercar in the world” at an event in Monaco in June.

It remains tight-lipped about the details of the car's electric powertrain, which is housed beneath angular bodywork and sits in a carbon-composite chassis similar to that of a Formula 1 car.

Key design details include a gaping full-width air outlet, a race-style diffuser and a transparent powertrain cover. The latter suggests the electric motors are located in the middle. 

Limited details on the Tritium website suggest that body panels will be easily replaceable, allowing owners to transform the car's styling at will. The interior remains under wraps, but the company says customisation options for the cabin are ‘endless’. 

Experts from various engineering fields, including luxury yacht design and high-end audio system development, contributed to the car's design. 

Battery capacity remains unconfirmed, but the bespoke drivetrain is said to offer a range of 186 miles and produce 671bhp - roughly the same as the mid-range Turbo version of Porsche’s Taycan electric sports car. 

Just 11 examples of the Tritium supercar will be produced and sold at a price of €1.1 million (£1.02m). Each example is expected to be uniquely styled according to the tastes of its owner. 

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Exposer of the ... 8 October 2022

Tritium automotive just released the official unveiling trailer for the production ready car.

martin_66 19 March 2020


It's a Lamborghini Aventador.

Reminds me of those fraudsters Lister, who tart up a Jaguar F Type and put Lister badges on them.