Currently reading: EU plans to ditch new Euro 7 as regulations deemed too costly
Emissions regulations for cars and vans will remain similar to those currently set for petrol cars

The European Union is planning to dramatically water down planned emission regulations in a victory for car makers, which had long argued that proposals for the so-called Euro 7 rules were too arduous and costly.

The long-delayed draft regulation will keep the emissions regulations for cars and vans similar to those currently set for petrol-powered cars, according to a report from Politico.

The EU will “minimise” the costs to clean up engines, citing “unprecedented pressures” on the automotive supply chain that have pushed up the cost of cars, according to a copy of the draft seen by Politico.

Car makers had argued vociferously against the new regulations, which would require spending “millions of euros”, according to European automotive lobby group the ACEA.

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