First official pictures of a one-off Ferrari made for singer and guitarist Eric Clapton have been released

The first official pictures of a one-off Ferrari made for singer and guitarist Eric Clapton have been released.

The car, which is based on a Ferrari 458 Italia and uses the same 4.5-litre, 570bhp V8, has been modified to pay homage to Clapton’s favourite Ferrari, the 512 BB. Clapton has owned three 512 BBs, according to Ferrari.

The car, which is the latest to have been created for wealthy clients by Ferrari’s specialist One-Off Programme, is called the Ferrari SP12 EC.

Clapton took delivery of the car at the start of this year and delayed its registration to get it on to a 12 plate, which was more appropriate to its name.

However, although Clapton is known to be a fan of Ferrari 12-cylinder engines, the 12 in the car's name is not thought to relate to that fact. Instead, it is thought that Ferrari has previously had 10 special project cars commissioned (but not all built) and that Clapton requested not to have number 11, as he is superstitious and believes the number three is lucky. As a result, he requested 12 (1+2).

Clapton has previously owned a Ferrari 575, Ferrari Enzo and Ferrari 250 SWB.

No other details were released.


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28 May 2012

Hmmm ... looks like a 360 mixed with a 512BB.  And around the tail the flick up spoiler from one of the 60's racing Ferraris.

Hate to say it, but it looks like a Ferrari as designed by someone from Geely .... take a bit of this, and a bit of that and hey presto!

29 May 2012

Not many people get to build there dream car, and sometimes they just shouldn't, but, if he likes it, then that's fine,in his minds eye it probably looks the Dog's dangly bits,to me, it doesn't flow, from the edge of the door back, it looks like a grafted on rear end,and, like most of these cars,they are hardly driven,maybe once or twice a year,and,no i'm not envious, i am just not into Ferrari's, but i do like boywork that maches end to end.

Peter Cavellini.

28 May 2012

IMHO it looks wonderful (tonight).

28 May 2012

That is extremely nice, it must be great to have enough money to get Ferrari to design and build a car specifically for you. I  hope he actually drives, it and doesnt just stick it in a collection.

28 May 2012

Having one of the best handling cars as a basis cant of hurt it, and it looks a lot better than some other manufacturer homages I've seen reccently. It will probably be seen at some concours auction in 30 yrs time selling for several million.

28 May 2012

Love all the styling cues harking back to one Ferrari classic or another. Thoroughly modern in a tasteful, understanding the past, kind of way. Enjoy it Derek


28 May 2012

I have to say I rather like it and I think I prefer it to the standard 458 - especially the front end.  I guess this car really can be considered "exclusive" in the true sense of the word which is so overused nowadays.

28 May 2012

It looks neither one thing or the other, I wouldn't say no obviously but I wouldn't go out of my way to desire such a thing either.

Cry me a river, build a bridge and then get over it; swallow a concrete pill and harden the frak up.

28 May 2012

Rumour has it that the original plan was to re-engineer the 458 base car to accept a V12 engine but it proved impossibly expensive to do, even for a man of Mr claptons means.

It's nice enough looking, albeit a bit generic at the front.

Yellow Led's up front, four round tail lights and proper quad exhausts would have made a better BB homage IMO.

On the downside, the silver cap hanging off the side of the car looks like a dreadful after-thought and the SP12 EC name sounds far too much like a McLaren product.

Surely Ferrari 562 BB would have been more fitting?  (But then Eric wouldn't have got his initials in the name!)                   

28 May 2012

I like it, and I particularly like the fact that Ferrari are willing to make a one-off for those that really want one (and obviously can afford it).

It's a bit like a made to measure suit when all us normal mortals have to buy off the peg.

To answer CityTiger's concern I am sure Eric will use it, unless he has changed over the years - inside the album cover for Slowhand there is a picture of one of his Berlinetta Boxers loooking very used (as in crumpled)!


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