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Audi A3 saloon-rivalling four door to form part of next generation of compact car models from the German car maker

Mercedes-Benz plans to extend its compact car line-up with a new entry-level saloon positioned between the upcoming second-generation Mercedes-Benz CLA and facelifted fourth-generation C-Class.

Set to complement its existing range of compact car models in a renewed sales push against premium brand competitors, the new four-door will slot into the Mercedes line-up as a rival to the likes of the Audi A3 saloon and recently unveiled BMW 1 Series saloon.

The entry-level saloon, to be powered by an extended range of four-cylinder petrol, diesel and hybrid drivetrains, has been conceived primarily to bolster Mercedes’ sales in key markets such as China and North America. However, supplier sources close to the German car maker have confirmed plans for right-hand drive production, indicating the new model will also be sold in the UK.

No official confirmation of the new Mercedes saloon model has been made by Stuttgart officials at this stage. However, Autocar has been told it could arrive in showrooms before the end of 2018 – the same year earmarked for the introduction of the fourth-generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class hatchback.   

Set to support both standard front- and optional four-wheel drive, the Mercedes saloon is among six models planned to be based on Mercedes' second-generation MFA platform, including successor models to the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Mercedes-Benz B-Class, Mercedes-Benz CLA, CLA Shooting Brake, and Mercedes-Benz GLA.

The dimensions of the new A-Class saloon are shrouded in secrecy, but it is expected to stretch beyond the 4630mm length, 1780mm width and 1430mm height of the existing first-generation CLA.

By comparison, rivals such as the Audi A3 saloon measure 4450mm in length, 1795mm in width and 1415mm in height, while the 1 Series saloon runs to 4456mm in length, 1803mm in width and 1446mm in height.

Information obtained by Autocar also confirms the A-Class saloon has been conceived to support two different wheelbases. A standard wheelbase version is expected to be sold in all markets except for China, which will receive its own long-wheelbase variant in line with other recent Mercedes saloon models, including the C- and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Power for the new car is planned to come from the company’s latest M264 turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol and OM654 turbocharged 2.0-litre diesel engines, both of which will support new fuel-saving features, including the coast function already seen in more upmarket models from the German car maker.  

Also planned are less powerful models running updated versions of the Renault/Nissan units used in Mercedes’ existing compact car lineup. They include a turbocharged 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol and turbocharged 1.5-litre four-cylinder diesel.

Topping the line-up will be a new four-wheel-drive A45 4Matic saloon model running an updated version of today’s M133 turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder AMG developed engine with up to 400bhp.


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Also planned is a plug-in petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain combining the M264 petrol unit with an electric motor and lithium-ion battery pack for limited zero emission capability.

Among the gearboxes will be a standard six-speed manual and optional nine-speed dual clutch automatic – the latter a development of today’s seven-speed unit to be produced in-house at Mercedes-Benz’s gearbox manufacturing facility near Stuttgart in Germany.  

Benefitting from a transverse engine layout, the new saloon is described as being particularly roomy, with passenger and luggage space almost on par with the larger C-Class.

Autocar can also confirm the second-generation MFA platform has been designed to support a new electrical architecture. It provides the basis for a new Comand 6.0 infotainment system with both touchscreen and gesture controls.

While details remain scarce, production of the A-Class saloon is expected to take place in up to three factories, including Mercedes-Benz’s Kecskemet plant in Hungary, as a joint-venture plant operated by Mercedes’ parent company Daimler and Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation in Beijing, China as well as a new facility being constructed by Daimler and its alliance partner Nissan/Infiniti in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

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Janjua 23 December 2016

Entry-level Mercedes-Benz A-Class saloon on the card ?

What on earth are Mercedes Thinking? How can you have a CLA and an A Class Saloon at the same time? A CLA is a A Class Saloon. There is no market, no niche, no demand or requirement for having two exactly the same cars, from the same company and the same brand with different names. You can not have a Saloon in between a CLA and a C Class, it is not possible. If they are going to change the name of the CLA to an A Class Saloon, that is understandable, but not too saloons that are the same.

They will be based on the same chassis and platform. What will be the difference? Will they have slightly different bumpers,grilles, headlamps, tail lamps?

This is like having a A3 Saloon and A3.3 Saloon, our Audi would never do that and it is not required.

mpls 23 December 2016

They, just like BMW and Audi

They, just like BMW and Audi hae to fill n every nook and cranny r etters and numbers.. The truth is, if it isn't an AMG line or AMG the it won't look good or go fast or lacks equipment.. Same with BMW and it's M sport or M, most BMWs sold are basic for the rep.. As for Audi, if it isn't line or S, then most bout are basic and therfore bought by Chavs..
These mass market ( so called premium) are lowering their entry points and need to sell more basics to maintain the illusion of premium..
ridnufc 22 December 2016


An a class saloon, no that's a cla surely. How on earth can they get one in between the cla and c class.