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American company Proterra has revealed its latest all-electric bus, which it calls ‘the highest-performing bus on the road’

The Proterra E2 electric bus has been revealed, with a 660kWh battery pack that gives it a claimed range of up to 350 miles.

Proterra’s latest bus, which follows in the footsteps of its lighter-duty electric buses, is dubbed ‘the highest-performing bus on the road’ by the American manufacturer, which has built and sold more than 300 vehicles across North America.

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The bold tagline alludes to the bus’s range, which Proterra claims is around 350 miles, although under testing the bus did achieve a range of more than 600 miles.

The bus’s biggest available battery pack, at 660kWh, is more than six times that of the flagship Tesla Model S P100D, although the bus takes a leisurely 6.8sec to reach 20mph, as opposed to the Tesla’s 2.5sec 0-60mph time.

This is most likely due to the bus’s kerb weight of just under 15 tonnes, which is kept to a minimum through the bus’s construction – it has a carbonfibre reinforced composite body. A top speed of 65mph is quoted by Proterra.

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Charging time for the bus in its highest 660kWh E2 max specification is five hours from a 120kW charge point, while overhead, on-the-go charging is an optional extra.

At almost 13 metres long, the Proterra E2 max has seating for 40, and at full capacity will weigh almost 18 tonnes. 

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bowsersheepdog 18 September 2016

The white elephant on the road

Little better than a trolley bus, but sure to be immensely more expensive. Nothing more than a costly scam to fleece gullible council transport departments.
Malcypoos 13 September 2016


Brighton had electric busses in 1939.
scrap 13 September 2016

Yes, it seems to me that zero

Yes, it seems to me that zero emission bus and delivery vehicles could make a huge difference to urban air quality. Source renewable energy too and it's a real winner.
typos1 13 September 2016

"Zero Emissions" ? No it aint

"Zero Emissions" ? No it aint zero emissions, it has significantly REDUCED emissions, but they aint zero.