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Dubai luxury car dealer puts new McLaren P1 on sale for €1,515,000
Darren Moss
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10 December 2013

A McLaren P1 has gone on sale in Dubai for €1,515,000.

The car is on sale at luxury car dealer Al Ain Class Motors in Dubai. The price of the car, confirmed to Autocar by a spokesman, can be converted to £1.27 million. It is unusual for a top-end supercar to be sold on so quickly, as sales contracts typically prevent it.

The sale car is finished in yellow with carbon fibre trim, with a black interior, and has not been driven at all. The dealership confirmed it had bought the car direct from McLaren.

The car is the only McLaren P1 in the world currently on sale.

All 375 planned units of the P1 were sold out by November. Around 73 per cent of P1 customers have opted for some level of bespoke design, provided by the McLaren Special Operations division, which has pushed the average sale price of a P1 above £1 million. By comparison, the standard car costs £866,000.

McLaren's hypercar has a top speed of 217mph and can cover a standing quarter mile in 9.8 seconds. The car faces still competition from the likes of the Porsche 918 Spyder and LaFerrari. Earlier this week, McLaren confirmed the P1 had lapped the Nurburgring in less than seven minutes.

A McLaren spokesman was unavailable for comment.

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Wanos 11 December 2013


Some sheikh lost his oil company overnight and needs the dough? If so I'll give them 5 grand for it..
Symanski 10 December 2013

If only...

I could afford such a car. Plus re-spray.
Malcypoos 10 December 2013

Oh, I dunno

Symanski wrote:
I could afford such a car. Plus re-spray.
A smiley face sticker on the bonnet would tone it down a bit. :-)
Symanski 11 December 2013

The Arabs would love it!

Malcypoos wrote:
Symanski wrote:
I could afford such a car. Plus re-spray.
A smiley face sticker on the bonnet would tone it down a bit. :-)
That might just work!
Norma Smellons 10 December 2013

What a waste

All that engineering, all those hot laps and all that shouting from Big Ron. All so the oligarchs, tech nerds and Sheikhs of this world can impress their hangers on. We've reached a pretty pass when the most credible owner to emerge is Mr Bean.