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Californian start-up Coda Automotive aims to launch Chinese built saloon in the US by 2010

Californian start-up manufacturer Coda Automotive has announced plans to release an electric saloon in the US by the end of 2010.

Called the Coda, the four-door saloon has an estimated range of 100 miles but performance figures have yet to be announced.

Priced at $45000 (£28000) in the US, the Coda is well-equipped featuring sat-nav, a satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity and an iPod dock.

Next-generation airbags, ABS and stability control help boost the Coda’s safety credentials, but styling is quite bland, with no grille and a chunky front and rear.

A full recharge of the lithium-ion batteries takes around six hours.

Chinese state-run company Hafei, which produces 200,000 vehicles a year, will build the car and by outsourcing the manufacturing, Coda hopes to avoid the problems that usually face start-up car companies.

No plans were announced as to whether or not the Coda would be sold outside of the UK.

Mark Tisshaw

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