Currently reading: Citroen confirms electric hatchback and Spacetourer for 2020
C4 Cactus replacement will be among six electrified vehicles the French brand will launch in 2020

Citroën will launch a new electric compact hatchback this year as an indirect replacement to the C4 and C4 Cactus, alongside five more electrified models.

Product boss Laurence Hansen said the zero-emissions hatchback will have “assertive styling” and offer the ultimate Citroën Advanced Comfort. Alongside the electric model, petrol and diesel variants will also be offered.

The model is set to be more conventional in styling than the C4 Cactus and slightly higher-riding, bridging the gap between traditional hatchbacks and SUVs.

Hansen said: “We will meet customer expectation with the [hatchback]. It is a neo-silhouette, not a typical hatchback design, and has a high posture on the road.”

New Citroën CEO Vincent Cobee, who recently replaced Brit Linda Jackson, said the introduction of the model held “massive” importance for Citroën's sale growth in Europe. In 2019, it grew 1% year-on-year, selling 830,000 vehicles.

Cobee said: “The car will be Citroën to its core, in design, innovation and comfort. So for us, it’s one of three or four bullets in the overall growth of Citroën.

"Citroën has massive legitimacy in this segment: it's the one with the most populist customer base. 

“We probably were a bit carried away with our innovation capabilities on the current vehicle [C4 Cactus] ,so we will do something which will be a more comprehensive and attractive offer in the segment."

He added that he believe the hatchback would be a credible alternative to SUVs.

The model will be the only compact hatchback in the PSA Group portfolio to offer an electric variant.

Alongside the electric hatchback, a fully electric Spacetourer MPV will also arrive by the end of the year, offering up to nine seats.

The rest of the electrified range will be the quirky two-seat Ami, revealed today, the already announced C5 Aircross plug-in hybrid SUV (with 34 miles of electric-only range) and two electric vans.

Hansen said the vans will be the “perfect solution for last-mile delivery”.

She continued: “In 2020, we launch a major product offensive in terms of electrified vehicles. Silence and comfort are today’s luxuries and these cars will be a great answer to that.” 

Cobee added: “When you are Citro​ën and you are already a reference in comfort - riding, seating, sound insulation - electrification is much more than a regulatory obligation. It’s an opportunity to progress another level in terms of comfort in transport.”

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Rick Maverick 27 February 2020

Brave Brand

....... and one of the few to raise it's EU sales level in 2019. 

jason_recliner 28 February 2020

Rick Maverick wrote:

Rick Maverick wrote:

....... and one of the few to raise it's EU sales level in 2019. 

Yep. Citroen are on a real roll.