New 6.2-litre six-speed manual Chevrolet Camaro coupé to cost £35,320

The facelifted Chevrolet Camaro coupé will go on sale in the UK for £35,320. Order books are expected to open later in the year, with the first deliveries due in November. 

Convertible versions of the Camaro will cost £40,320, a premium of £5000 over the equivalent coupé. 

The new Camaro features a revised exterior, including a new grille and a functional hood vent, and improved aerodynamics.

Its naturally aspirated 6.2-litre V8 engine produces 426bhp and 420lb ft, which is sent to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual transmission.

Output is restricted to 388bhp and 409lb ft in six-speed automatic versions, which will cost approximately £1500 more.

Chevrolet claims the manual coupé is capable of 0-62mph in 5.2sec. The automatic version completes the same benchmark sprint in 5.4sec; convertible versions are 0.2sec slower in both instances.

Standard equipment includes keyless entry, electric leather seats, cruise control, a seven-inch touch-screen display, a rear-view camera, a colour heads-up display and a voice recognition system. An optional sat-nav system, with Europe-wide coverage, is available. 

A three year, 60,000 mile warranty is standard.

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Chevrolet Camaro muscle car

It’s now on sale officially in the UK, so would you want to buy one?

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10 June 2013

Good price/performance ratio, 3 year standard warrenty, lots of kit and good looks to boot - whats not to like, quite a convincing Yank-Tank.



10 June 2013

I had (a "mere" V6) one as a rental in the US a year or so ago. The "moonroof" meant appalling headroom. The plastics were 1970s Vauxhall. The view from inside was unnecessarily retro. Rear seats a joke of course, as was the huge length. Trunk/boot was a letterbox so you'd likely need special luggage for travel / touring.  

Still, it was a real hoot!

10 June 2013

£40K !!! ???, for this?,sorry,but in the UK there must be one year old stuff that will leave it for dead, know what corners are?

Peter Cavellini.

11 June 2013

£35k for a big V8 coupe - by our standards that's a lot of car for the money.

Hope the cabin received some attention in the facelift too.

11 June 2013

This will give you a bigger smile than a BMW or MB.

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