Currently reading: Caterham to bring new SUV and city car to market in 2016
Two new models to be co-developed with Renault, destined for Asian market

Caterham will bring a crossover SUV and subcompact car to the market as early as 2016.

The British sports car maker will co-develop the cars with Renault, in exactly the same manner as its current joint-venture project. The new models will be destined for the Asian market in a bid to re-brand Caterham as a global car maker.

The cars would most likely be part-built at the joint-owned factory in Dieppe, before being shipped to Asia for final assembly.

Reports from Reuters suggest Caterham is keen to emulate the success of the Range Rover Evoque, which has gained significant profits for JLR and parent company Tata Motors.

Speaking to Reuters, Caterham owner Tony Fernandes said the new models would be based on existing Renault platforms: "Sports cars will do well, but the city car and the SUV are what the (Asian) market really wants. If we get the SUV right it will be huge."

Caterham's joint venture car with Renault Alpine is due to cost around £35k when it goes on sale next year. Aimed at the Malaysian market, the car will be limited to 3000 units per year. Engineers on the project are expected to use a turbocharged 1.6-litre engine to power the car.

Meanwhile Alpine has already announced that its own car from the joint venture will cost £50k when it goes on sale in 2016.

While up to 70 per cent of parts will be shared between the two cars on this project, there have so far been no indications from Renault that the same would be true of any other designs. Speaking to Reuters, Renault would only confirm that Caterham would be using its platforms. There has also been no word on whether said platforms would include Renault's new Common Module Family architecture.

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superstevie 9 July 2013

City car could be

City car could be interesting, especially if its off the smart forfour/twingo cchassis

Besides, china car market is still in it's infancy, brands can establish themselves exactly how they want. Think of it as they're Porsche Cyanne to the 911. Something that has to exist to bankroll more sports cars

Will86 8 July 2013

An SUV could work but not as

An SUV could work but not as an Evoque rival. Caterhams are all about simplicity and fun, nothing but the essentials. With the impending demise of the Defender surely there is a worldwide market for a small tough and simple 4x4 or a beach buggy style vehicle. i know its still a world away from the 7 but it wouldn't entirely loose sight of the core Caterham values.

A34 8 July 2013

Will86 wrote: An SUV could

Will86 wrote:

An SUV could work ... there is a worldwide market for a small tough and simple 4x4 or a beach buggy style vehicle....

Interesting thought. Anyone done a long-wheel-travel 7? Or a 7 doing Hill Climbs? Kind of makes sense, although I suspect sadly they are really thinking of a badge engineered Clio 4x4 offshoot...

n50pap 8 July 2013

Notice they don't quite quote the cost of the city car

There was talk last year of a Lotus/Proton city car, which seemed to come to nothing.  Since this is aimed at the Asian market you can assume that it won't be massively expensive, although the exact cost doesn't seem to be clear.  Presumably they've done their sums and the car will be viable, but I think to state that their SUV will compete with the Range Rover Evoque is slightly optimistic.  The Range Rover name and Land Rover brand have decades of experience in producing their vehicles.  When Tata bought the company, they knew they were on to a good thing.  Caterham may have an uphill struggle convincing the market that, even with Renault/Alpine's help, their products will rival or better those from the established players.  Good luck to them anyway.