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The Ford Performance division promises 12 new hot models by 2020; we run through eight Fast fords that have either arrived or are soon to arrive

Ford is promising 12 new hot models by 2020.

All will be developed by the new Ford Performance division, which has been tasked with making hot Fords to global engineering standards.

In addition to the eight known models, four other Ford Performance products are planned, but the firm is being tight-lipped about them for now. At least one is likely to be a variant of a car yet to be launched, such as a hot version of the successor to the US-only Taurus saloon.

Ford has ruled out a Fusion/Mondeo ST, but other possibilities include an Ford Edge ST. Big US sellers such as the Escape and Explorer might also carry the ST badge to rival German performance SUVs.

Ford Performance organises its models into three categories: Elite, HP1 and HP2. Each is defined by distinct power, performance and handling criteria.

Below, we run through eight of the 12 hot Fords that are either here or soon to be here.

Focus RS

On sale now

Fast fords 301

Already on sale globally, the 345bhp all-wheel-drive Focus RS has been a hit, scooping awards and selling better than expected. It’s an HP2 model in Ford Performance criteria.

Fiesta ST200

On sale now

Fast fords 305


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Limited to 1000 examples, the 197bhp Ford Fiesta ST200 boasts 17bhp more than a regular ST, revised gearing, tuned diff settings and a lower, stiffer chassis. It’s priced from £22,475.

Shelby Mustang GT350R

On sale now (US) 

Fast fords 302

The $63,000, 175mph GT350R has a 526bhp 5.2 V8. But it won’t be sold in the UK or EU. Ford wants to establish the Mustang here before launching performance spin-offs.

F-150 Raptor

On sale late 2016

Fast fords 300

A ‘Built Tough’ Ford performance truck, the Raptor has a 3.5-litre V6 with 450bhp and 450lb ft. US sales start this autumn, but the UK is not in the plan.


On sale 2017

Fast fords 299

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The only Elite model in the range, the 600bhp twinturbo 3.5-litre V6 GT is Ford Performance’s halo model. Around 20 of the 250 total production are headed for the UK, at £300k apiece.


On sale 2017

Fast fords 303

Expect the order books to open next spring and to close shortly after when the 500 examples sell out rapidly. Production will be finished by autumn as Ford launches the fourth-generation Ford Focus.

Next-gen Fiesta ST

On sale 2017

Fast fords 304

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Ford will have a new Fiesta next year (see overleaf), and work on the ST is under way. Expect more power in a wider, longer body but no dilution of its handling prowess. Classed as HP1.

Next-gen Focus ST

On sale 2018

Fast fords 306

A new Focus will arrive in 2018. It will also grow in size, suggesting that a power hike over today’s 247bhp 2.0T will be necessary to maintain the ST’s performance.

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pickupman 5 March 2019

I hate the way ford UK have

I hate the way ford UK have restricted their cars 

madmac 18 August 2016

Way back I almost bought a

Way back I almost bought a Taurus SHO with the nice 220BHP engine made by Yamaha,it was a real sleeper at the time and a good practical family sedan.The new SHO is the size of an Audi A8,so I agree Ford needs something more compact,sadly sedans are rare now, everyone seems to have f-word SUV's