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Mondeo gets sporty exterior and interior upgrades; ST-Line trim is already available on the Focus and Fiesta

Ford has revealed the Ford Mondeo ST-Line at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Despite the apt setting for the sporty Mondeo’s reveal, the ST-Line trim offers no performance upgrades, instead bringing aggressive exterior styling and interior upgrades to the saloon.

Outside, the Mondeo ST-Line gets an exclusive body kit and 18in or 19in unique alloy wheels, along with contrasting exterior trim and badging on the front fenders. A spoiler is standard on the Mondeo estate ST-Line, and is an optional extra on the five-door version.

Engines are towards the top of the Mondeo range – the 148bhp and 178bhp 2.0-litre diesel units from the existing Mondeo lineup are the only engines available with the ST-Line setup. Meanwhile, all-wheel drive and Ford’s Powershift automatic transmission are also available; the latter has steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

Sport suspension is the only mechanical upgrade to feature on this restyled Mondeo, which lowers the car by 10mm.

Inside, the Mondeo ST-Line gets a perforated leather steering wheel, sports seats with contrasting red stitching and alloy foot pedals.

While the ST-Line trim offers a sporty element to the high end of the Mondeo lineup, the Vignale trim offers luxury. Although the Vignale sub-brand is spreading across the Ford lineup, and the ST-Line is being offered on the Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo models, it is not yet known if both will span the entire Ford range.

Ford is yet to announce prices for the Mondeo ST-Line. It also denies that the Mondeo's ST-Line badging suggests the return of the Mondeo ST; this is due to the rising popularity of SUVs and the shrinkage of the saloon market


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xansamaff 5 July 2016


Ford promised loads with the new Mondeo and dynamically they sort of delivered but it has to be one of the dullest looking cars on the road, particularly the back of the hatch, its sort of regressed to somewhere between last generation Hyundais and the indecisive design concepts of citroen. Maybe the ST-Line will change that but from the images its still slab sided and largely anonymous looking. I cant remember the last time i heard anyone say, ethusiastically, that they would love a Mondeo, just look at it, euggh
superstevie 23 June 2016

I have no problem with the

I have no problem with the name. Does it really devalue the S brand for Audi? Or the M brand for BMW? Nope
Rainmaker 26 June 2016

superstevie wrote: I have no

superstevie wrote:

I have no problem with the name. Does it really devalue the S brand for Audi? Or the M brand for BMW? Nope

Only precisely because it's aimed at aspirational keep up with the Jones' type idiots who don't know the difference. Generally, they're the same people who sticker up their 320D with M badges even though the only people who know what an M badge is also know their car... isn't.

I'd have had a lot more respect for Ford if they'd at least limited it to the 240ps EcoBoost and the 210ps biturbo TDI. Hell, even having those engines as options would have done! Alas they join the 'AMG-line' and 'S Line' tractor engined nonsense, though it will no doubt help shift units which I suppose is all they care about.

Factczech 23 June 2016

A bit premature?

I think it's a bit premature for others here to knock the car before it been given a proper road test and appraisal.
From the initial stage I think it looks rather elegant and about time Ford starts to up their game in every sector..
It would make sense if as a company some of their rather lazy and comfortable designers are culled and fresh blood and bold thinkers brought in. It is no guarantee these days that people shop by brand, they also shop by trend and visually appealing cars....
I believe this car is a step in the right direction, and hope it succeeds.
Oh and by the way the ST-Line is a good choice no shame in following Audi's lead- look at how many manufacturers are stealing the RS badge?