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The Citroën C-Elysée and C4 L will create a platform for the brand's global growth plans.
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20 June 2012

Citroën is launching two new models as part of its aspirations as a global brand. The Citroën C-Elysée and the Citroën C4 L will launch in Mediterranean and Chinese markets by the end of 2012, and in Russian markets in 2013.

It will officially launch its DS brand in China on June 28. Citroën's DS3, DS4 and DS5 models will go on sale shortly after.

The Citroën C-Elysée will be manufactured at PSA’s factory in Vigo, Spain and is destined for Turkey, Spain, central Europe and Algeria. The three-box C-segment saloon will be powered by PSA’s new VTi 72 petrol engine which Citroën says has been specially tailored to driving conditions and fuel quality in emerging markets.

The  new engine produces 72bhp and 81lb ft of torque from 3000rpm. Fuel consumption is rated at 56.5mpg and emissions are 115g/km, a 22 per cent improvement on the 1.4-litre unit it replaces. Is will be offered with a five-speed manual or automated gearbox. The new VTi 115 engine, combined with a manual or automatic gearbox is also available, alongide PSA's HDi 92 engine which emits 108g/km and can return 68.9mpg.

Citroën claims the C-Elysée will have a roomy interior with a rear that is comparable with cars in the D-segment and a 506-litre boot. A 2.65m wheelbase makes it the longest in its class. 

The Citroën C4 L is positioned towards the top of the C-segment and is the first model to emerge from Citroën’s Shanghai style centre. The C4 L will be built locally in each of the countries it will be sold. Production will begin in Kaluga, Russia and at the PSA/Dongfeng plant in Wuhan, China in the first half of 2013.

The engine line-up will comprise the BMW/PSA-developed THP 155 and 175 petrol engines and PSA’s own VTi 135 unit. Both engines will be offered with a new automatic or a sequential six-speed gearbox.

Citroën claims a first-class passenger experience with a “lounge-like” rear compartment made possible by a long wheelbase, wraparound seats and steeply reclined backrests with “extra-comfortable” headrests. Keyless entry and start, touchscreen sat-nav, a reversing camera, heated front windscreen and air ioniser will be offered.


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20 June 2012

OK I am biased having had company French cars, and found them to be wanting in about every department except their seats (which almost everyone could learn from - so comfortable). Reading this "new" model I find depressing. The performance figures are not much better than a CV2 or yore. The design is something which looks as if it was pinched off the drawing board of Hyundai or Kia (not that they are bad at all) and nothing like the Citroen adventure which really is what sold their cars. This model might survive in the emerging markets - but they are going to have to fight with Korean - Japanese - and a whole bunch of Chinese offerings. Poor show from Citroen as it makes it all the more clear that they are scraping the barrel and making some spastic movements in order to stave off the red ink. This wont do it !!

20 June 2012

Citroen 's appearance is incomparable.


20 June 2012

I think both cars look great considering what segments they're completing in; the C-Elysée would be a great alternative to the upcoming Seat Toledo and Škoda Rapid while the C4 L would be a fine alternative to the Volkswagen Jetta, Ford Focus saloon, and Peugeot 408.

20 June 2012

I think it's good that these models aren't coming to the UK. The C4 L in particular looks nothing remotely like a Citroen - the rear end is in fact a mismatch of Lexus GS, BMW 5-Series, Hyundai i40, just no identity there whatsoever. I'm beginning to lose interest in Citroen - I know these cars are for different markets, but as a brand, they need to surprise us and Europe with more than the DS range. I used to be a great fan of Citroen but they need something to shout about rather than relying on the premium range.

20 June 2012


The world has moved on since the Ami and GS days, and not necessarily in a very inspiring direction. Globalisation has meant that there's always someone who can make it better and cheaper. Likewise the constraints on any design now are monumentally greater than they were and Citroën have been hampered more than most simply because they were so 'out there' in The Olden Days. Radical designs might please forum members but it doesn't sell so many cars no matter how much we would like to kid ourselves that it would.

What I see when I look at these cars is simply an up-to-date Xsara. Everyone moaned about the Xsara being boring —and it wasn't the world's most exciting car— but it sold by the box-load. Why should a mass market manufacturer, which is already shackled with being French (and all that implies about unreliability, real or perceived) be criticised for making a mass market car?

20 June 2012

Quite so! People buy, happily, vehicles which are utterly dull because they equate, quite wrongly, dullness with reliability. Some have particular needs which their car has to meet. For instance a friend of mine is buying a Berlingo Multispace as he has to transport his two daughters plus model aircraft. It trounces the Octavia estate in this repect and, arguably, has a nicer diesel engine as well. (Incidentally the Yeti has surprisingly sparse luggage space for its size.)

Yes it would be nice if everything on the road had DS3 type flair for moderate prices but flair is not as common as we would hope. Enjoy it where it exists.

20 June 2012

The C4 L looks much better than the C4 hatch.The C-Elysee does not cut it though.Mini1 hit on what i have been saying for ages.Citroen need to renew their range totally and sprinkle the so called DS magic on all models.

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