Currently reading: BMW M5 breaks world record for the longest drift
The M5 had to be refuelled five times across the 232.5-mile feat, which was achieved with the help of another M5 drifting in tandem with a fuel rig

BMW has smashed the record for the longest continuous wet drift undertaken in eight hours, setting a distance of 232.5 miles. 

BMW racing driver Johan Schwartz took to the wheel of the new BMW M5 to complete the marathon stunt, with Matt Mullins, another professional BMW precision driver, taking control of the refuel car, which was an F10 M5

The new M5 was refuelled five times during the stunt, and averaged a speed of 29mph. 

The previous record, set by German driver Harald Müller in a Toyota GT86, was less than half of BMW’s effort at 89.55 miles. The record was set in July 2014. BMW has a history of drift records, however, having set a longest drift record of 51.278 miles in 2013, in the previous-generation M5. Autocar staffer Mauro Calo previously broke the record in 2011 with a dry 1.43-mile drift in a Mercedes-AMG C63

The attempt broke another record as the two cars drifted in tandem for 49.25 miles over one hour. This is the longest twin-vehicle drift recorded by Guinness. A custom refuelling system was installed on both cars to ensure the safety and smoothness of refuelling while the record attempt was underway. 

Schwartz said: “We knew that if we were going to recapture the world record for the longest sustained drift and set the bar as high as possible, we would need to find a way to keep the M5 going without stopping to refuel. In the end, the refueling system worked flawlessly and the M5 performed as expected.  It was a big win all around.” 

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Boris9119 10 January 2018

'M' No More

If this is what 'M' Division is reduced to, aside from abdicating the role of world's best sports sedan/coupe to the Mercedes C63, then I suggest they pack up their tools and go home. The question is surely why are you not trying to recapture the position of nmber 1 in the world for the M3/M4? Shame on you, coming from an M3 fanboy of 30yrs. You were always the best, unquestionably, yet you drop the ball, and then waste your time on this crap?

Rods 9 January 2018

Ahhh well...

I actually thought it was pretty cool...

Well done for setting a new record, guys!

jer 9 January 2018

what a load of bs

Would of thought their typical new buyer would be similarly non plussed.