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Striking 'Frozen Black' colour scheme added to range line-up

These are the first pictures of BMW's new 'Frozen Black' colour scheme, which is now available on the recently launched BMW M3 Competition Pack.

See the BMW M3 Competition Pack in Frozen Black concept pictures

Available on the M3 coupe, the £3315 Competition Pack kit lowers the suspension by 10mm, and includes lighter alloy wheels, a new sport mode within the Electronic Damping Control system and a revised stability control program.

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In addition, all new M3s will get stop-start, which drops average fuel consumption by eight per cent and lowers CO2 emissions by 24g/km.

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Jon Hardcastle 24 May 2010

Re: BMW M3 gets striking new look

Are we talking just a colour change to make a headline read 'striking new look'? surely it would have been better to lead with the technical changes the 'competition pack' offers and bring the colour in as an addition should you want it as it's hardly striking given a number of others are already doing it.

Andrew Lee 24 May 2010

Re: BMW M3 gets striking new look

Have also seen an X6, Mini, GT-R (and probably more) painted like this... Ford have offered 'Frozen White' for a while. What's next for monochrome? Stainless steel? Chrome? White with a hint of grey?

mikesalt13 24 May 2010

Re: BMW M3 gets striking new look

CambsBill wrote:

Am I the only one who sees one of these and wishes I had a piece of chalk with me?

I don't think that will work, since it is a diffusing plastic film over the top of the paint that creates the matt finish. If chalk does work though, I cannot wait to read the profanities that will inevivatbly be scrawled on this car.

However, if it doesn't work, you can guarantee that someone with a Corsa 12v,complete with dustbin-sized exhaust will try to copy this effect on the cheap with blackboard paint. Scrawl away to your heart's content then my friend!