Currently reading: BMW M boss confirms EV performance model to launch in 2021
Set to be an M-Performance version of i4 electric saloon, model will bring hot sub-brand into new era

BMW has officially confirmed an M-badged electric performance model will be unveiled this year, bringing a “completely new manifestation of the distinctive M feeling”.

In a release detailing BMW M’s 2020 sales performance, it's said that M boss Markus Flasch “looks forward” to “presenting an electrically powered performance automobile for the first time”. Autocar understands this will be an M-badged variant of the forthcoming BMW i4 electric saloon. 

However, unlike the soon-to-arrive 2021 M3 and M4, the i4 M is believed to be an ‘M-lite’ model rather than a fully fledged M product, like the current M340i. 

The standard i4 is expected to be unveiled in final production form in the coming months before going on sale right at the end of the year.

BMW confirmed back in 2019 that the Tesla Model 3 rival would be available with a 523bhp powertrain, enough for a 0-62mph time of around 4.0sec and a (likely limited) 125mph top speed. A range of more than 370 miles was originally promised, too. 

That would give it the necessary firepower to easily take on a Model 3 in Long Range guise – but despite having more power than the 483bhp Model 3 Performance, it would fall a bit short of that car’s quoted 0-62 time of 3.1sec. That's likely intentional, leaving the door open for a future full-fat M version of the i4. 

Also on the cars, Autocar understands, is an M performance version of the electric iX SUV. Details of that have yet to be confirmed, but expect a similar motor output if that materialises. 

M managed to buck the global, pandemic-induced trend for a decline in new car sales with a record number of its models registered in 2020. A total of 144,218 models found homes, a 6% increase on 2019.

BMW cites the strong mix of M Performance variants in cars such as the new 3 Series and 4 Series, as well as the popularity of the latest X5 M SUV and the critically acclaimed M2 CS coupé.


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MkVII Golf GTI 21 January 2021

Why does this actually seem plausible? 

Official BMW Press Release:  

To go along with the hideous new 'kidney' nostrils we are plastering onto every new BMW, we've decided that our customers (who are obviously blind or have no taste) would also like to have mismatched wheels, just like the old worn out luxury cars you see driving around in low-rent areas. For this feature, we will introduce a new package called Ghetto Line for the low price of £2500/€3000/$3500. BMW Group CEO Harald Krüger comments, "This is just the latest step BWM is taking to ensure our loyal customers leave the brand. Shockingly, our customers have stuck with us even though we've stopped making decent driving, decent looking and decent sounding cars."


antiswaybars 21 January 2021

What the hell are you talking about, you name yourself after a product from the most demonic car company on planet earth then start spouting a lot of bile regarding people from lower economic groups. Many of those ghetto people are why BMW have the appeal they do. Have you seen some of the people who break their financial necks just to afford a crap VAG product and think that it's some sort of superior vehicle such as yourself who don't know anything about cars apart from VW is best because all my mates say so. The vehicle you name yourself after is actually a Seat/Skoda but you wouldn't know that would you. Please refrain from being a Trumpist on this forum.

Rather ride a m... 20 January 2021
I wish they would all stop making electric 'performance' cars no one is asking for. Sure electric cars have a place, for those who just see cars as a way to get from a to b. Please make these for the masses and save your carbon credits to make performance cars for the enthusiasts and give them a big, noisy petrol engine.
Peter Cavellini 20 January 2021

 So, top speed is largely going to be irrelevant in the future, you can't do 300mph on the main roads, so top speed doesn't matter,but, what about 0-60 mph,mor 0 -100 mph?, how quick do you want to do these speeds?, or, isn't a naff idea?, Tesla and Rimac to name two are already quoting under two seconds to get to sixty miles per hour, do we think we get under one?, would that be a good thing?, basically, will there come a time where show fast doesn't matter?