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The BMW i8 Protonic Red Edition will be produced in limited numbers, with bespoke red paintwork and interior trim

The limited-edition BMW i8 Protonic Red Edition has been revealed, bringing a host of styling upgrades over the regular i8.

As the name suggests, the i8 Protonic Red Edition is marked out by its red bodywork and metallic grey highlights, the red paint being specially developed for the car. W-spoke alloys also come as standard on the Protonic Red Edition, usually a £1150 option, and it features a black front grille surround.

Inside, red upholstery stitching and bespoke carbonfibre and ceramic trim are added to the i8. No underbonnet or mechanical changes have been made, with BMW claiming that the Protonic Red Edition’s focus is on individuality and exclusivity. For this reason, BMW plans to limit production, although is yet to decide how many - or few - will be made. 

There are currently no plans to extend the special edition, or similar, to the i8's stablemate, the BMW i3.

The i8 Protonic Red Edition is priced at £112,535, which falls to £110,035 after the £2500 government grant applied to hybrid cars from 1 March. The special edition carries a premium of £8995 over the standard i8, which starts at £102,040 after the grant.

The i8 Protonic Red Edition maintains the standard i8's claimed CO2 emissions of 49g/km and 134.5mpg combined fuel economy, as well as a 0-62mph time of 4.4sec and electronically limited top speed of 155mph.

The i8 Protonic Red Edition will go into production in July, with first deliveries expected in September. 

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IanS 13 February 2016

No Grant for the i8

Sorry the i8 does not get the £2500 grant as it is over £60000

From the picture and description this i8 gets Laser lights and Carbon fibre trim

These options are currently £5100 and £1700 so adding the Wheels £1150 and a Trim option probably £1800 brings it close to £10k of extras so the extra is about right add comfort access, Hi fi and internet thats another £1500 ish

I'm getting one next month in Silver with the Carbon fibre and laser lights and can say the CF interior is the best I've seen a matt finish and the feel of the weave luckily I'm getting the existing £5k grant

Citytiger 15 February 2016

IanS wrote: comfort access,

IanS wrote:

comfort access,

Sounds very nice, but whats comfort access?
On the website it just says allows easy opening of the doors, for £100k I would expect the doors to be easy to open without having to pay extra, or is it BMW speak for keyless entry?

fadyady 12 February 2016

BMW got it right

I am not a convert to the electric powertrain yet but I am just glad that the BMW i8 and the Tesla exist.
harf 12 February 2016

Apologies for this, but ...

.... Whenever I see the rear end it reminds of a comment made in Car mag that said it looks like it's giving birth to a 911.

Looks cleaner at the front end than before. It's clever but just too big.

superstevie 14 February 2016

harf wrote: .... Whenever I

harf wrote:

.... Whenever I see the rear end it reminds of a comment made in Car mag that said it looks like it's giving birth to a 911.

Oh great, thanks for that! Haha I'm never not going to see that now